Hidden Gem of Automation: Invoice Management in Plunet

Hidden Gem of Automation: Invoice Management in Plunet

Plunet is the number one translation project management system. It helps project managers automate their workflows and streamline processes to empower growth for language service providers of every size. From small LSPs, where project managers do it all, to large agencies where multiple people touch a project during its lifecycle, everyone can benefit from automation features.

Here at Plunet, we could talk about project automation, workflow templates, and automatic jobs all day, but today we want to focus on a hidden efficiency hack that our translation business management system has to offer:

The automation of your invoicing process!

Did you know that you can create customer invoices based on project data with just two clicks and that your external vendors can create invoices in their portal, so you never have to compare a paper invoice with a PO ever again?

Plunet makes all of that possible and provides you with the centralized platform for your project lifecycle. The advantages for your teams are huge, with increased processing speed and the highest level of accuracy, so we created a list of the most important benefits:

Advantages for your Accounting Team:

  • No more chasing paper invoices! Your language vendors can easily create payables in Plunet based on PO data, so you will never have to hunt for a correct invoice ever again.
  • Clear reporting of liabilities: A report on approved jobs shows you how many are ready to be invoiced. Comprehensive invoice queries show you outstanding invoices for both receivables and payables based on any time frame.
  • Reduced risk of human error: Having project and invoice data in one system reduces the risk of human error significantly, as you can read in our client success story here.
  • Automatic reminders: Based on individual payment terms per client, Plunet can send out up to three reminders automatically, so you don’t have to worry about chasing overdue payments. Extra bonus: Reminders can be deactivated for specific clients if needed!

Advantages for your Project Management Team:

  • Time savings: Project managers are superheroes who juggle multiple deadlines and projects simultaneously. Entering invoice data should not be part of their job! With Plunet’s invoicing features, invoices are created based on orders/POs so project managers can complete them with two clicks.
  • Job approval: Once a project manager approves a job, automatic emails are sent to translators to let them know they can create the invoice in their portal. No manual data entry or comprehensive invoice checking is needed, and project managers can focus on the quality of the delivered documents instead.
  • Automatic jobs: With an automatic delivery job, the approval process can even be fully automated for project managers who are ready for advanced automation! More info on our automation hacks for project closing is covered in our webinar here.

Advantages for Sales Teams and Account Managers:

  • Centralized data: Everyone who is working with clients will benefit from the centralization of data. Sales and account managers can see invoices and paid statuses of their quotes/projects, so they are always up to date on their client accounts.
  • Individual touch: You can even create customized invoice documents and email templates pulled for key accounts that need a personal touch. This can be a specific format, a different language or just a personalized text for the invoice email!
  • Accounting contact: Your project contact is not the same as the accounting person? No problem at all! Plunet’s customer profiles let you define default contacts for invoices, so the invoice will automatically go to the right person at your client’s company.
  • Complex projects: Even complex client structures can be managed with Plunet. The system lets you select alternative invoice recipients to handle even the most intricate projects with ease.
  • Collective invoices: Plunet can manage different invoicing modes, from collective invoices to project-based invoicing, depending on your client’s needs. Even larger projects that cover multiple orders can easily be grouped in one or multiple invoices. The same goes for your payables as well!

Integration with Accounting Tools

If all of your invoices are managed in Plunet, there are different ways to export the data so you can hand it over to your account team or even import it into your accounting software. With our standard software, you can export your invoice data in .csv format, and you can change invoicing statuses manually or in bulk. If you are looking for a more advanced integration, you can use our API to create your own middleware between Plunet and your accounting tool, or – if you are working with QuickBooks Online – we even have a dynamic integration out of the box that you can  add to your installation as an additional module.

All in all, it’s always great to look for process improvements at all levels, as automation does not stop at the workflow stage! Our invoicing features might be a hidden gem in our automation, so it’s a great place to start if you are not using these functions already!



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