New Online Help for the Translation Management System Plunet BusinessManager

The current 7.0 release of Plunet BusinessManager, the world’s leading business and translation management system, offers clients a completely reworked and improved online help.

The new Plunet Help provides detailed information on the different areas and functions in Plunet, with a modern and intuitive design. Nine enhancements made to the Plunet Help:

1. An improved indexed search


Thanks to the new indexed search function with automatic context previews, Plunet users can reach the relevant content quickly and easily.

2. New clear structure and organization of categories and content


The structure of the new Plunet Help ensures that all users find what they are looking for.

3. Breadcrumb navigation for enhanced clarity


The breadcrumb navigation means that users can move seamlessly between different menu levels.

4. Direct links to important topics for even quicker help


Direct links to the most important topics and additional articles provide additional orientation and further reading.

5. PDF documents on the most important features can be directly downloaded


Is a particular feature description required in .pdf format? No problem! The descriptions of the most important Plunet features can be downloaded as PDF files and saved locally.

6. Plunet FAQs with the most common questions and answers


The most frequently asked questions and answers will be continually added to the detailed list of Plunet FAQs.

7. In-depth tutorials on advanced Plunet functions


Along with written explanations, the Plunet Help also offers useful video tutorials to explain Plunet features and modules in more detail.

8. Informative videos on the new features in the Plunet releases


9. Extended glossary with detailed descriptions of individual Plunet functions


The glossary contains short descriptions of the most important functions and terms in Plunet BusinessManager.



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