The new Plunet version 7.3: Looking to the future with high performance and security

Plunet BusinessManager, the leading business and translation management system, is now available in version 7.3. Whether language services, translation agencies, governmental organizations or NGOs – for most customers, the most crucial aspect of translation management is a software that saves time and resources through highly automated and centralized processes. The basis of this is a quick and powerful system performance and a secure way of handling customer data. The new version 7.3 of Plunet BusinessManager includes many new features and improvements. The optimizations span six key areas: Performance, Data Protection, Security, Usability, Flexibility and Interoperability.

Stronger performance for even more efficient translation management

One of the key aspects of the current release is the improvement of the performance of Plunet BusinessManager across all system levels. With impressively short loading and response times when multiple users access the database, the system is more efficient than ever before. Plunet 7.3 is the quickest version of the translation management system Plunet BusinessManager so far.

EU GDPR - Adjustments for enhanced data protection and higher security

The changes related to data protection and security are based on the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. The new regulation, which comes into effect on May 25, 2018, after a two-year transition period, affects all persons within the European Union as well as companies that do business with EU citizens. The protection of personal data has been enhanced through the development of information obligation, data minimization and deletion. We have implemented convenience functions that will reduce the amount of manual input for users, including:

  • When new contacts are created in the system, the data subjects must be informed. This is done with a new e-mail template that is automatically sent as soon as a new contact is created in Plunet BusinessManager. The place where contact was made can also be specified. In this way, the opt-in is tracked.
  • Users have the right to request the deletion of their data at any time. Plunet checks whether or not there are retention periods for the relevant translation projects. If there are pending projects within the retention period, the visibility of the contact in the system will be automatically restricted. Once the retention period expires, the contact can be deleted.

With regard to security, the following changes have been made for users:

  • The optional two-factor authentication ensures a higher level of security at login for internal resources, external resources and customers.
  • The password protection has been improved. If a user forgets their password, they have to enter a Captcha in order to request a new password.
  • Regular penetration tests by external specialists ensure that the security of user data remains guaranteed.

Improved usability for a better overview and more efficient work

Thanks to a clearer structure and overview with the most important information at a glance, working with the system is now even easier. Here are just some of the optimizations made in version 7.3:

  • Project managers can see the status of jobs directly on the Dashboard, in the detailed view of the orders, rather than having to open each order individually to see the jobs. In this way, projects can be prioritized and processed more quickly.
  • With a new overlay, absences can be entered in resource profiles and in the resource portal even more quickly. At the same time, project managers gain a better overview of their resources’ absences.
  • Language combinations in projects can now be sorted either alphabetically or based on the order in which they were added to projects.

More options for more flexibility - and more control for users

With the new version 7.3, it is possible to create more detailed complaints and extensive reports. On the one hand, it is possible to select multiple complaint reasons and measures in order and job complaints, while an unlimited number of feedback criteria, text modules and properties can be selected for reports. As a result, project managers have more control over their reports and complaints. More flexibility also comes from the extensive development of the Plunet API:

  • There are now even more options for controlling and checking data. As a result, project-related data can be stored and retrieved in an easier and more flexible way.
  • The interface integrations have also been further simplified: With Action Links, users can directly access different areas of Plunet BusinessManager from external applications.

An additional optimization relates to ISO 17100 compliance, which is an important part of many translation projects. A new option in the resource search enables project managers to select only the resources that are qualified according to ISO 17100.

Standardized integrations for playful interoperability

Comprehensive technical improvements in the CAT interfaces have resulted in improved usability and standardization across the individual integrations. The following changes are particularly significant:

  • Extensive developments have been made to the integrations to memoQ, Memsource, XTM Cloud, Across Language Server and SDL Trados Studio.
  • The Memsource evaluations and XTM analyses of individual source files have been extended and adjusted to match the other integrations.
  • For multilingual projects in CAT tools, all of the important information and analyses can be viewed in a single file, instead of being split up into different files according to language. Furthermore, analysis files no longer have to be stored in different folders, but are now stored in one place.
  • The number of characters in each text can be converted into pages, rows or hours, which facilitates the price calculation.

The future begins now: With Plunet BusinessManager 7.3

Version 7.3 of Plunet BusinessManager includes dozens of optimizations and further developments that take into account all important aspects of a successful translation management software. Aside from the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, the requirements and requests of Plunet customers were decisive for many of the new features. Ultimately, the newest version of Plunet BusinessManager stands for outstanding convenience and sustainable security in translation management.


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