New Plunet Version 7.0 – The Next Level of Translation Management

Plunet BusinessManager, the leading business and translation management software, is now available in version 7.0. The new Plunet release is full of innovations: the item section is more user-friendly than ever before and language translation providers benefit from a tailor-made range of cutting-edge functions. Plunet 7.0 offers users more flexibility in quality management, detailed productivity and business reporting and simplified, automated currency management.

Restructured item section - familiar and user-friendly

The central item section for quotes and orders is now more intuitive to use, with increased performance and more clarity than ever before. New items and any modifications made to items are automatically saved. In particular, major projects with many different items can be processed with ease. Subtotals and price blocks are clearly separated from the preceding items, giving the user a clear overview of the project. Furthermore, individual buttons have been grouped together into logical drop-down lists, which guarantees quick and easy navigation. Many additional enhancements ensure greater clarity and modern usability, including:

  • Price memos are now highlighted in color and are immediately visible in the price line
  • Elements, lists and text fields are clearly defined and placeholders can be easily recognized
  • Users can now jump straight to the corresponding price list, update it and directly modify the prices

Automated bonus and deduction agreements with resources

As of Plunet 7.0, it is possible to display and automate bonus agreements with resources. Working with freelance translators can sometimes be a step into the unknown. You may not know the person well and cannot estimate the quality of the translation. Therefore, it may be useful to make bonus and deduction agreements. The resource receives a bonus for high-quality work and a deduction is taken from the price if the translation does not match the agreed standards. This can now be defined and automated with Plunet 7.0. The amount is based on the overall rating, which is calculated from the individual feedback criteria in the Plunet QualityManager module. After the job rating has been calculated, the corresponding amount will be automatically added to or taken away from the invoice total. Bonus agreements can be implemented with Plunet in no time at all – completely automated and without any extra work for the project manager.

Everything at a glance – enhanced productivity and business reporting

For project managers, a complete overview of all translation projects is one of the most important parts of translation management. Plunet has recognized this and extended the business reporting functions in the system. You can now set as many filters as you like in a single query and combine them in any number of ways. As a result, you not only find the required projects more quickly, but can also create even more precise status reports.

Another important issue at management level is whether or not the Service Level Agreements with customers being complied with. With Plunet 7.0, this question about one of the most important KPIs won’t remain unanswered for long. Thanks to the new parameter “processing time”, you always have an eye on the exact reaction times from the project management to the customer.

Simple currency management with Plunet

Handling foreign currencies is part and parcel of the global translation business. Every currency has a minimum unit and needs to be rounded accordingly in quotes, orders and invoices. This can be done even more precisely in Plunet 7.0: job, line and total prices are now rounded at the item stage, which means no more unnecessary decimal places or potential discrepancies in the accounting.

Further new features in Plunet Version 7.0:

  • Certification according to the international standard ISO 17100:2015

  • A clearer overview for resources with a single e-mail for multiple job assignments

  • New, intuitive Plunet Online Help

  • Extension of the Across interface with Cross Grid functions for translators

  • External resources can upload their invoices directly in the resource portal

  • Grouped price units and items mean that subtotals can be calculated quickly and easily

  • More transparency and traceability is ensured by logging access rights

  • Files can be directly zipped and downloaded in FileManager

  • The status of multiple quotes can be changed at the same time

  • And much more…

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