Plunet Version 7.1 Released – The Most Advanced Translation Management Software of All Time

Plunet has released version 7.1 of its translation management system, the most advanced Plunet version of all time. The new version is packed with unique innovations that simplify the day-to-day translation business in a smart and effective way. Plunet 7.1 includes more versatile payment management, customized user interfaces for each user type and intelligent workflow automation.

Uniquely flexible payment management at job level

Plunet 7.1 offers an impressive level of flexibility when it comes to creating invoices and managing payments. Partial payments can now be organized and processed in Plunet for individual jobs in a translation project. This is particularly useful for extensive translation jobs that run over a long period of time and are not simply invoiced with one payment at the end. All agreed partial payments are chronologically listed in the new “Partial payments” area. As a result, project managers and financial accounting can maintain a clear overview of all outstanding and completed partial payments. The vendors themselves also benefit from this process optimization: If partial payments have been agreed with the customer, then the vendor can create the corresponding invoice in the resource portal with a single mouse click. The tedious and error-prone process of creating invoices is no longer necessary.

Customized table views for each user type

Different user groups require different information for their daily work. While project managers need to keep an eye on the deadlines of their translation projects, the translators focus on their own translation jobs. Customers, on the other hand, are interested in the overall progress of their translation orders. With Plunet 7.1, these specific requirements can be met for each user type so that project participants see the information that is most relevant to them. Thanks to the new table views for internal resources, external resources and customers, all reports and dashboards can be customized with just a few clicks. The columns in the tables, such as “Orders”, “Status”, “Contact person”, “Jobs” and many more, can be displayed or hidden depending on the user type. The order and width of the columns can also be individually defined. This provides users with a customized information center with a clear layout and high level of usability.

All relevant project documents available right from the start

With Plunet 7.1, customer download folders can be centrally defined and activated in translation workflow templates. As a result, all project participants have immediate access to important project-related documents, such as reference materials, glossaries and style guides. This saves the project manager valuable time, reduces redundant tasks and enables intelligent automation. At the same time, it is guaranteed that all of the relevant project documents for the translation job are available and that nothing will be forgotten. The quality of the entire translation process is significantly increased as a result.

Further new features in Plunet version 7.1:

  • Mistyped e-mail addresses are a thing of the past: Plunet automatically suggests e-mail recipients from the contact database.

  • The system administrator can now directly activate the preferred GUI languages in the system.

  • More automation guaranteed by defining recipient groups for project-related e-mails.

  • A clear increase in performance in memoQ projects thanks to the automatic synchronization of quote and order projects in Kilgray’s memoQ.

  • Quick project start: With automatic wrap up, memoQ projects can be started directly via the dynamic integration.

  • More freedom for vendor managers and quality managers: They can now view feedback on jobs, even if they are not in the corresponding project team.

  • Price lists can be created more quickly by adding multiple price units at once.

  • Working with Memsource is more efficient than ever before: Translation projects can be created directly with Memsource project templates.

  • Access rights to the dashboards and time sheets of other resources can now be managed more intuitively.

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