Plunet 6.3 – The new version of the translation management system impresses with an enhanced user experience, automation and customer collaboration

Berlin/New York, January 20, 2016 – Plunet version 6.3 is the next step in the technological evolution of the world’s leading business and translation management system. The current main release is centered on the third generation of Plunet BusinessManager’s development. This is characterized by radical innovations in the UX design, which are gradually being introduced in Plunet and will considerably increase the overall ease of use and user experience. There is an additional focus on the core topics of automation and integration, areas in which Plunet has been always been setting new standards.

Get your translation projects done! Everywhere and at any time with the new Plunet job management.

You are responsible for a large number of projects every day, need to keep an eye on scores of individual jobs, which also have to be continually edited and updated. Every unnecessary click costs time, money and sometimes nerves as well. Sounds familiar? Plunet provides a remedy with a completely new and intuitive way to manage jobs in Plunet version 6.3. No matter where you are in Plunet, you can open a dynamic job overlay and edit any job on the spot. The new job view makes it possible to process even the largest amounts of data fluently and efficiently. All of the most important elements for job management are arranged in a clear layout. The central functionalities such as the job status, work instructions, resource search, prices and job delivery have been retained, while new features, such as workflow automation across multiple items, have also been added. Plunet’s overall usability has been significantly enhanced with this new way of managing jobs. Navigation paths have been reduced to a minimum, project managers can scroll directly to the next job and all changes are saved automatically without refreshing the page. When you have finished working on a particular job, the overlay can be minimized and you can carry on where you left off.

Documents at your fingertips! Smooth file handling with Drag & Drop.

Project management should be fun. But constantly dealing with large numbers of files in translation management can be a real buzzkill if it doesn’t happen smoothly and intuitively. Plunet always strives to optimize usability, and there is now a new Drag & Drop function for uploading multiple files to the relevant folder in a quick and user-friendly manner. You can drag files directly from Windows Explorer to Plunet BusinessManager, without even needing to open FileManager. This is one less step for the user and saves valuable time. In addition, the source folder and the progress of the upload are displayed in a clear, graphical way when you Drag & Drop a file. The Drag & Drop function is now available in the customer login, the new job overlay as well as the FileManager and many other central areas in Plunet.

Closer customer contact with Plunet 6.3.

Many translation companies place an increasing emphasis on the automated integration of the customer in the project workflow. As part of Plunet’s comprehensive translation management, project managers can now let their customers review and approve jobs. The customers are automatically informed about their assigned jobs by e-mail and can edit them directly in their Plunet customer login. As a result, the entire reviewing and approval process becomes much simpler and more transparent for both project manager and customer. Plunet contributes to the quality management in translation agencies and internal language service providers with the standardization and thorough automation of project workflows. Furthermore, the intelligent integration of customers in the process can increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction in the long run.

Further new features in Plunet BusinessManager 6.3:

  • Automatic reminders for interpreting jobs

  • Quick navigation at all points in the system with Switch and Plus buttons

  • Properties for language combinations

  • New accounting function: advance payment

  • Enhanced freelancer login

  • Different source files in a single order

  • SDL Groupshare integration

  • New user-friendly date selection

  • And much more…

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