Plunet BusinessManager 6.2: New Version of the Translation Management System Released

Plunet, a leading IT provider, introduces its latest version of their popular business and translation management software – Plunet BusinessManager 6.2. The new version focuses on user-friendliness and new process-relevant business management requirements, as well as the customer-oriented further development of the Plunet InterpretingManager module.

Improved GUI – Even more Intuitive

The new version – Plunet 6.2, features an even more intuitive and intelligent user interface than its predecessor to ensure faster navigation and improved clarity in its work space. The biggest improvement can be found in the header: the original second navigation level has been replaced by a number of drop-down menus. The user can now reach the required subsections directly, without having to first open and navigate parent menus. When scrolling, the header is now minimized to the main navigation, which directs the user’s focus to the issue at hand: his work space. Overall usability has also undergone further optimization in Plunet 6.2: New features include; direct user feedback with queue icons, user-friendly and efficient tag boxes, intuitive buttons, and intelligent context menus. Automatic scrolling to the correct section helps visualize jumps between individual sections of the software. This feature is a distinctive plus in terms of orientation within the software, and further enhances the user experience.

New Centralized Functions for Improved Usability

More functions have been added to the centrally located “Switch” button. The user can now access latest requests, quotes, orders, and jobs quickly and easily via the quick selection option. The new smart search function allows quick access to any data records and projects in the system – without the need for repeated refreshing.

The new “Plus” button offers additional speed and clarity: Project managers can now create new contacts, requests, quotes, orders, and invoices from any point within the system with a click of a button. The new functions not only create more transparency in terms of operation, but also allow for even more efficient and comfortable work conditions.

Professional Business Controlling with Plunet 6.2

Plunet is a leading business and translation management solution for professional business controlling. The new “Work in Progress” report has been added to further extend the already extensive business management functionalities. The new functionality allows a comprehensive progress overview of production processes in all ongoing translation projects. Individual turnover figures are displayed broken down by actual services and over the relevant time periods, allowing full transparency in terms of which services have been completed, and which are yet outstanding at any particular point in time. The report also allows a quick comparison of business performance by quarter. “Work in Progress” is therefore an excellent controlling instrument for any language service provider.

Plunet InterpretingManager: Address Templates for Improved User-Friendliness

The Plunet InterpretingManager module has also undergone some improvements based on the customer feedback. The new module version allows storing the data of any event location and contact person as an address template. In the event that address data or contact information changes over time, these changes can be applied quickly and easily with the click of a button, or a new address template can be created. The new function improves the overall user-friendliness for address administration and reduces redundant work steps. Efficient planning, control, and monitoring of interpreting projects of any kind are made easy with the Plunet InterpretingManager module. As a result, Plunet is the preferred workflow management software for a seamless support of both LSP business areas: translation and interpreting.

Other Improvements in Plunet BusinessManager 6.2:

  • Additional filters for complaint types
  • Additional recipients for automated email notifications regarding new documents
  • Individual customizing of the date format
  • Grouping of jobs by job type in the dashboard
  • No more copy & paste for delivery memos. Overtaking of them into the follow up jobs automatically
  • Automatic status change for all jobs in one item
  • Time zone selection for job email templates
  • Definition of separate assessment criteria for both resources and jobs
  • Definition of order memos as pop-ups
  • Setting up of custom fields to mandatory for quote creation

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