Why Plunet’s Dynamic TMS/CAT Integrations are a Must-Have for LSPs

Plunet is a leading translation business management software (TBMS) provider that helps language service providers (LSPs) and language departments manage their workflows more efficiently. One of the key features of Plunet’s TBMS is its ability to integrate with various computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, also known as TMS (translation management system), allowing users to work more efficiently and effectively.

Plunet’s TMS/CAT integrations are a standout feature that sets the software apart from its competitors. Plunet’s integrations are dynamic, meaning they synchronize projects automatically with the click of a button, so project managers do not need to create double entries in two separate systems.

Plunet with a dynamic TMS/CAT tool integration

Plunet can work seamlessly with various TMS tools, including RWS Trados Studio, GroupShare, memoQ, XTM, and Phrase (formerly Memsource). Plunet’s integrations also support different versions of these tools, making it easy for users to work with the latest technology and features.

But what exactly are TMS tools and why are they important? TMS tools are software applications that help translators work more efficiently by providing features such as a translation memory, terminology management, and machine translation. These tools can save time and improve translation quality, making them essential for any professional translator or LSP.

Plunet’s dynamic TMS/CAT integrations take the benefits of these tools to the next level by allowing users to manage their entire translation workflow within a single, unified system. Users can create translation projects, assign tasks to translators, and track progress from within Plunet without switching to a different tool.

With the AutomationManager module, it is possible to fully automate project creation from the customer portal, meaning Plunet will automatically create a project in both Plunet and the TMS tool, as well as a quote based on the word count and TM analysis. In addition, vendors assigned to a job in Plunet will also be automatically assigned in the TMS tool, allowing translators to start working on their projects right away without having to log into Plunet.

Full hands-free automation workflow

This level of integration can save significant time and effort, as users no longer have to manage multiple tools and workflows manually. It also allows for greater visibility and control over the entire translation process, ensuring that deadlines and quality are met.

Another benefit of Plunet’s dynamic TMS/CAT integrations is their flexibility. Users can customize their workflows and processes to fit their specific needs, for example, by using various TMS templates for different customers. In addition, LSPs who work with multiple TMS tools can integrate several of them dynamically and decide which TMS tool makes the most sense for each customer, domain, or project.

In conclusion, Plunet’s dynamic TMS/CAT integrations are a powerful feature that sets the software apart from its competitors. By providing seamless integration with a wide range of TMS tools, Plunet allows users to manage their entire translation workflow from within a single, unified system. This level of integration can save time and effort, while also improving translation quality, making it an essential tool for any professional translator or LSP.

Iryna Nikolayeva, Account Manager at Plunet

In my days as a project manager, I used to work on multilingual projects with more than 20 target languages. I could spend hours—if not days! —preparing quotes and setting up such projects before implementing the dynamic integration with Trados Studio. With Plunet and a dynamic CAT integration, it’s possible to prepare a quote for a multilingual project in seconds and it takes just a few minutes to create an assign the jobs, which saves the project manager a lot of time! If you add the AutomationManager module and set up order and job templates, you can fully automate projects without any need for human intervention.

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