From Project Tracking to Extensive Reporting with Plunet

In the fast-paced world of translation management, Plunet is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline every aspect of the translation process. This blog combines insights on how Plunet transforms translation business management with its powerful tools and detailed insights, enhancing efficiency and facilitating strategic decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

Streamlined Project Management

Plunet simplifies the management of translation projects, providing a central platform that supports project managers, customers, and vendors from project initiation to completion. The system allows for detailed tracking of all project activities, including requests, orders, and invoicing, ensuring that project managers can intervene and adjust processes to maintain efficiency and meet deadlines.

Customer and Vendor Engagement

Plunet’s Customer Portal allows clients to seamlessly request quotes, place orders, and upload necessary documents. This interaction is straightforward—customers can, for example, upload documents, specify their requirements, and receive a quote, all within a few clicks, streamlining the project creation phase. Similarly, the Vendor Portal facilitates robust interaction with service providers. Vendors can access job assignments, manage invoices, and update their availability, ensuring they are fully integrated into the project’s workflow. For instance, a translator receiving a job notification can accept the assignment, complete the task, and submit an invoice entirely through the portal.

Automation and Customization

With its robust automation features, Plunet reduces manual and repetitive tasks to a minimum. The system supports a variety of customizable workflows and templates that can be adapted to meet specific project requirements. From automatic price calculation using integrated TMS tools (like memoQ, Phrase, Trados Studio, Trados GroupShare, and XTM) to dynamic job assignment processes, Plunet ensures that resources are efficiently utilized and projects are delivered on time.

Efficient Task Management

Task management within Plunet is designed to optimize team coordination and project efficiency by ensuring all members are clear on their responsibilities and deadlines. The system allows for accurate task scheduling and automated alerts that ensure each task is completed on time. For example, a project manager may receive automated reminders to follow up with a vendor who has yet to accept a job assignment. This ensures everything runs smoothly and allows team members to blend their professional deadlines seamlessly, fostering better time management and organization.

Advanced Reporting for Strategic Decision-Making

Plunet excels in providing extensive reporting options that allow managers to track the progress of projects, analyze financial data, and evaluate vendor performance. Customizable queries enable managers to extract specific data points, such as the number of projects completed, key language combinations, and customer activity, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Real-Time Data and Analytics

The Dashboard is a critical feature of Plunet, providing real-time updates on all aspects of project management. It displays essential information such as pending tasks, deadlines, and financial metrics, vital for maintaining control over the translation workflow. This immediate access to data ensures managers can quickly respond to project needs and adjust resources accordingly.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Plunet takes data security seriously, offering robust protection measures such as two-factor authentication and SSL encryption. It also complies with significant standards such as GDPR, ensuring that all data handling processes are secure and compliant with international regulations. This commitment to security is essential for building trust and maintaining the integrity of sensitive translation projects.


Plunet is more than just a translation business management tool; it is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of translation services. With its powerful features for project management, automation, reporting, and security, Plunet streamlines workflows and empowers businesses to make better, data-driven decisions. For translation agencies looking to improve their operations and drive business growth, Plunet offers the tools and insights needed to succeed in a global marketplace.



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