Guest article: We are celebrating our 25,000th order with Plunet BusinessManager and 5 years of Sprachenfabrik

Sprachenfabrik celebrates 25,000 orders with Plunet

We had been looking forward to it for weeks, and in July it was finally time: Our colleague Olesya created order number O-25000 in our project management system Plunet BusinessManager. Since 2012, our team has been working with the web-based tool, which makes our daily work run smoother.

Looking back: Seven years of cooperation with Plunet GmbH

When we implemented Plunet BusinessManager, we were still part of Medienfabrik Gütersloh GmbH and worked with a small team in the Corporate Center at Bertelsmann. As the number of orders increased, there was also a growing need for a solution that would eliminate the need to manually create orders in our database, simplify the search for suitable freelancers, and enable an interface to a CAT tool. Plunet BusinessManager was able to offer us all of this.

“When we were an internal language service provider at Bertelsmann, we had a very homogenous order structure. As we gradually opened up to the free market, our customer structure became more and more complex – and with it our portfolio of languages, specialist areas, and services. We realized early on that our simple management system could no longer meet these more complex requirements. With Plunet, we switched to a project management system that is tailor-made for the needs of an independent language service provider. Since then, we have been working closely with the Plunet team to make the system as efficient as possible and to add the functionalities that are important to us.” Jörg Vogt, Managing Director of Sprachenfabrik GmbH

Individual support from the Plunet team

Over the years, our team became bigger, the number of customers and freelancers increased, and so did our requirements. We were always able to count on individual support from the Plunet team, who continuously developed Plunet BusinessManager at the same time, and even took our specific needs into consideration.

“From process automation to CAT tool integrations to sophisticated quality management, Sprachenfabrik has always successfully used our range of services to achieve its goals. I am delighted to have been able to support Sprachenfabrik in their work with Plunet right from the beginning.” Christian Frick, Senior Business Development Manager, Plunet GmbH

The intensity of use also changed over time. In the beginning, we mainly used Plunet BusinessManager for order processing, whereas now we map our entire project process in the system, from quote preparation and order processing to all aspects of invoice processing. We also use the system to prepare all of our business analyses and to organize our quality and vendor management.

“In my daily work, I really appreciate how Plunet can automate recurring steps across all types of orders. Working with order templates, the text analysis via the interface to our CAT tool memoQ, the management of incoming and outgoing invoices directly in the system: All of these functions save me valuable time during typical administrative activities. This lets me focus more on providing personal support to our customers and their texts.” Olesya Andronova, Project management

25,000 orders and five years of Sprachenfabrik - two big reasons to celebrate

All in all, our work with Plunet BusinessManager is a real success story. But this was not the only milestone that we celebrated this summer: September 1st marked the fifth anniversary of the founding of Sprachenfabrik GmbH.  We hope to have many more reasons to celebrate with Plunet and our customers in the future!

Guest author

Ana-Katrina Büttner from SprachenfabrikAna-Katrina Büttner, Project Manager and Translator at Sprachenfabrik GmbH
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