Interviews with Plunet staff: What characterizes good process consultation?

Dear readers, Today we are starting our new interview series „Introducing the Plunet team“. You will get to know some of our colleagues and gain an insight into their tasks and responsibilities at Plunet. Our first interview is with Sophie Halbeisen from our office in New York. Among other things, we asked Sophie what a good process consultation actually involves. Happy reading and „Hello Sophie!“

Plunet translation management systems_Sophie Halbeisen
Sophie Halbeisen - Business Development Managerin bei der Plunet Inc.

First of all, why don’t you introduce yourself? Who are you?

I’m Sophie. I work as a Business Development Manager in our New York office and take care of the American market for Plunet.

What exactly do you do at Plunet? What does your job involve?

I work with translation agencies and language service providers who are interested in a translation management solution, and help them find the best Plunet solution for their requirements. I’m also the contact person for our technology partners in the USA, and of course I also look after our existing US customers.

You said that you help our customers to find the best solution for their requirements. What exactly does that entail?

Our customers come to us when their business processes no longer flow correctly. For example, when the workload is too heavy, when there are not enough resources to deliver the projects in time, when time is being wasted at certain points, or when processes are being carried out too manually or not professionally enough. Then it is our task to analyze these processes very precisely and to find out where the exact problems lie. We also work out how these problems can be solved in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

And how does Plunet help?

Plunet can solve most of the customers’ problems. It’s all about process optimization, saving time, scalability and being able to manage more projects with the same resources in a more professional way. Many of our customers and prospects grow very quickly in a short period of time. Therefore, they require a system that supports this growth in the long run and grows along with the company’s structures. And that’s where Plunet comes into play.

After working in Plunet’s Berlin office, you have now been in the New York office for almost a year. As a result, you have more personal contact to our customers in the USA. What is special about the customer relationship to our American customers?

If you compare the American market with Europe, you will see that Americans place a greater emphasis on service. All in all, personal contact is even more important here. You pick up the phone and speak to customers more often. I also like the fact that many of our customers come to New York on business, so we can meet over lunch or dinner and exchange ideas away from work. We maintain relationships on a partnership basis with many customers who are also interested in the further development of Plunet. They give us regular feedback, which also helps us to ensure that the product is suitable for the American market and will continue to develop with the trends on a long-term basis.

What characterizes good process consultation?

I think that listening and the ability to put yourself in the customer’s position are two very important aspects for good process consultation. You can only find the best solution for a customer if you are able to see things from his point of view. A solution that not only fits with the company’s workflows and structures, but also with the financial budget. It’s also important to think outside the box in order to find long-lasting solutions that also support the company’s mid- and long-term growth.

One final question: Where can we meet you next?

This week I am at the ATA in Miami and then I’ll be at the SDL Roadshow in Montreal. But you can always visit me in our New York office. We’re always happy when our customers drop by for a coffee or lunch!

Thank you for your time.



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