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Plunet 6.3

Revolutionary translation management.

Plunet BusinessManager – The Third Generation.

Plunet version 6.3 is a further milestone in the professional business and translation management field. The era of the third Plunet TMS generation has now begun.

Simple and intuitive job management.

Our new way of processing jobs lets you directly open, view and edit all aspects of the job without leaving the original context or clicking through multiple menu levels. Complexity is reduced to simplicity, and simplicity saves you time and effort!

Innovative overlay

An innovative new overlay consolidates project details into a single view. It’s as easy for new users to learn as it is for experienced users to leverage efficiently.
plunter_overlay_small_Plunet Translation Management System

Clear structure

Job information is presented with a clear distinction between different sections, and you can jump to other jobs seamlessly. Changes are saved automatically with no need to refresh the page.

Drag & Drop. It’s that easy!

We have redesigned our file transfer process to give you the fastest solution – a straight path directly into the target folder. In a single step, you can drag and drop files for upload. Translation management relies on speed and efficiency. This is just one example of how everything we do supports this goal.
drag_and_drop_Plunet Translation Management System

Jump directly to any project.

All projects right at your fingertips. No matter where you are in the system, a single click brings up a comprehensive list of projects. You can open the project you need at any time. And there’s more: using the new navigation buttons in quotes and orders, you can also quickly and conveniently jump between project details and different job views.
navigaton_Plunet Translation Management System

Date selection at lightning speed.

Our translation management system is full of smart features that make data entry more convenient. One example is our updated, intuitive date selection: you can now enter, edit and delete dates faster than ever before using the keyboard or with a click of the mouse.
Workflow Automation

Automate your workflow across all items.

Keep your projects moving in a timely manner without having to manually start every job. Our project automation lets you specify a sequence of any jobs for your workflow. When the first job is completely or partially delivered, the next one begins automatically. You can even include job chains from different items in an automatic project workflow. This is a great way to ensure flexible job chain management whilst speeding up project processing times.

Include your customers in the workflow.

The automatic integration of the customer in the project workflow is becoming an essential requirement for many translation companies. You can automatically include your customers in the review and approval processes. They can give feedback on the jobs before the project is completed, making the whole process more transparent and customer feedback more streamlined.
Customer Portal

One folder per language combination!

It has never been so easy to create orders with different source files! The system now automatically creates a folder in the project request for each language combination. The customer’s files are then automatically moved to the corresponding folder when an order is created. And that’s it! No more time spent renaming each individual file, which ensures that errors are avoided. In this way, Plunet saves the project manager time and makes the whole process more transparent for the customer.
source_files_Plunet Translation Management System

Be on the safe side with advance payment.

Safeguard against late payment or non-payment by creating an invoice for advance payment. The order will only start when the customer has paid 100% in advance. This protects your liquidity and ensures that payment policies are followed.
accounting_Plunet Translation Management System

For approved IP addresses only!

Give your customers peace of mind that your translation management system is fully capable of keeping their information secure and confidential. For each user type, you can specify the IP addresses that are approved to log in. This gives you control over outside user access to your network.
security_Plunet Translation Management System
Interpreting Jobs

Always remember your appointments.

Help your interpreters keep track of their appointments! Send an automatic e-mail reminder with location, time and date to your interpreters. Simply choose the number of hours before the appointment when you want to send your reminder - Plunet will do the rest!

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