New Plunet 7.1

Great translation management software just got greater.


More automation means greater quality.

Centrally manage reference materials, style guides and instructions for customer projects in the customer ‘Download‘ folder. This folder can now be activated per workflow template and automatically shared with all project participants right from the start. This provides resources with useful information and ensures that quality requirements and customer specifications are met with every project.

Once included, never forgotten

Until now, project managers had to remember which people in the customer organization needed to be included in e-mail correspondence. These addresses had to be manually added to every project-related e-mail, such as quotes, order confirmations, final project deliveries, and more. Now Plunet does the work for you. Just specify additional recipients in the project and they will be automatically CC’d on all future e-mails.

Partial payments for jobs now fully automated.

Plunet already supports a multitude of different processes for invoicing and handling payables. You can now even manage and display partial payments for jobs in Plunet. This is particularly useful when, for example, a job runs over a long period of time and the service provider needs to be paid in multiple, regular payments. The automation of the process eliminates the need to handle partial payments in a parallel system.
ill_euro_Plunet Translation Management System
User Interface

See tables your way.

In the past, there was only one table column setting for all user types. Now internal resources, external resources and customers get customized table views so that they only see the information they really need. This increases efficiency and ensures greater clarity by eliminating irrelevant information.

Faster is safer with intuitive e-mail addressing.

No need to enter e-mail addresses manually. As soon as you start typing, Plunet BusinessManager automatically suggests possible e-mail address matches from the contact database – while applying the necessary user rights restrictions. This reduces the chances of typing addresses incorrectly and speeds up every e-mail sent.

GUI language setup made easy

Now your system administrator can activate any one of the 11 available GUI languages for your translation management system without having to involve Plunet Support. We’re talking more flexibility and way less time spent on GUI language administration, because the system always has the most current UI language file installed and all updates to UI texts appear automatically. Easy.
illustration_GUI_Plunet Translation Management System

Automation rules out repetition.

In the past, every quote and order in Plunet was linked to its own memoQ project. Now the process is quicker and easier than ever before: the information from the memoQ quote project is automatically transferred to the order – which significantly reduces the project preparation time. As an added advantage, this takes up less space in memoQ, because there is only one project for both the quote and the order.

More features. Less work.

It’s now possible to create projects based on Memsource project templates. This reduces the number of clicks to a minimum and saves your project managers a lot of time. They no longer have to manually select and edit so many individual project options. This also means that the project manager benefits from many other Memsource features that can now be triggered through project creation in Plunet. These features include detailed analysis and pre-translation settings, various QA settings, filter configurations and much more.
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