The new version Plunet 7.4

Improved usability. More security.

Flexible translation management.

Intuitive workflow management. A new module for managing confidential and sensitive project files. A direct integration to SDL Trados GroupShare for seamless collaboration. Advanced automation to facilitate your daily project work. And country-specific enhancements for more security in payment transactions. The new Plunet Version 7.4.


The new workflow view: Clear and easy to use

With the new workflow editor, you never lose sight of the big picture and can see exactly where you need to take action – no matter how complex your processes are. Create and modify suitable workflows for your translation management via Drag & Drop. Keep track of your projects’ progress thanks to clear color coding. And see at a glance which jobs will start automatically and at which point in the production process your approval is needed.

Create new rights groups more quickly

Save time in your administrative tasks by copying existing rights groups for customers, vendors, and internal resources. You no longer need to create all of your new rights groups from scratch – simply modify the copied rights groups to fit your requirements.

Schedule system updates to suit your team

Instead of an immediate update, you can decide when a system update should take place. Choose a date and time with just a few clicks and the system will be updated automatically.

Cat tools

Direct integration to

With the new integration to SDL Trados GroupShare, you can seamlessly link the two systems and multiple users can work on a project simultaneously, with no time delays. Translation projects can be created quickly and efficiently using templates. This saves time and reduces redundant tasks.

The new dynamic integration also gives you maximum flexibility when using different source and target languages and source files. New language combinations can be created at any time and used with the integration.

Resource assignment is uncomplicated: Resources are assigned to project documents directly in Plunet, which means that you do not have to switch between the two systems.

Confidential Projects

Successfully manage confidential translation projects

The new additional module "ConfidentialityManager" helps you to manage sensitive project files. Thanks to a variety of confidentiality settings and authorization levels, you can define who is allowed to see and access project files and how project files can be transferred. The module guarantees smooth translation management, even if the project files cannot be managed in the system.


Automate company data for company codes

With Plunet 7.4, you can manage your teams and company branches even more easily by defining company data for each company code. Company data such as contact information and bank details can now be automatically added to all project documents. The smart automation ensures that the project documents always include the correct data, which reduces manual document maintenance.

Hide empty fields in documents

The new conditional flags bring more clarity and a coherent overall view of documents. These flags ensure that there are no unexpected empty spaces in e-mail or document templates. If the information does not exist in the system, e.g. a fax number or a tax ID, these fields will not be displayed as an empty field, but rather the whole line will be hidden.

Plunet API

Seamlessly manage payables and receivables

Manage your payables and receivables entirely via the Plunet API. With the new Plunet API services, all important invoice details, including items and price lines, can be read and modified. In this way, you can automate central components of translation management by connecting an accounting software.

Country standards

New country standards for payment transactions

With Plunet, you are always on the safe side. The new Plunet version 7.4 supports the new legal regulations in Italy and Switzerland with regard to invoicing. Plunet automatically generates the structured XML template that is required for e-invoicing in Italy. Our Swiss customers can also benefit from a useful automatic function: Payment slips area now displayed as QR invoices and generated in Plunet.

New font available in Plunet

The usability for Israeli customers has also been enhanced in Plunet 7.4: Plunet now supports the font Alef, which is commonly used in Israel.

Plunet Features


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