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Your business starts with the right translation management software

Plunet BusinessManager adds efficiency to the management of your translation and business processes. This highly efficient translation management software can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements, and reliably supports you in your daily project work.

Premium software or first-class service? We provide both.

Your trust in Plunet first-class customer service allows you to benefit from a host of included services, such as expert consulting, a perfectly customized implementation, hands-on training sessions, daily user support, and a customer-oriented development team.

Informative and interactive: our free Plunet webinars

Practice-oriented live sessions provide comprehensive information about our flexible Plunet business & translation management system and demonstrate how to manage your projects more efficiently.

Powerful Task Management Features in Plunet

Wednesday, 5pm (Berlin), 11am (NYC)

Are you losing track of important deadlines and juggling numerous tasks? In our live event, discover how Plunet’s dynamic task management system can change your daily operations, from arranging critical meetings to tracking customer communication.

This live session will showcase how Plunet’s robust task management features can transform your professional life. By seamlessly integrating tasks into customer profiles, quotes, orders, and invoices, Plunet ensures a streamlined workflow and increases productivity and quality standards.


Your Journey from Standard Automation to Full Automation with Plunet

Wednesday, 5pm (Berlin), 11am (NYC)

Explore the future of project management in our upcoming live event. We’ll showcase how Plunet’s advanced automation features and the power of AutomationManager can transform your workflow. Perfect for anyone aiming to enhance their project management skills, customizing Plunet to fit your specific needs.

Learn about automating the entire project lifecycle, from using order and job templates for project creation to leveraging the VendorSearchManager PRO for faster vendor assignments and quickly closing projects. Also, experience the power of Plunet’s AutomationManager, designed to automate your translation project management from start to finish, ensuring efficiency without sacrificing flexibility.


Optimizing Workflow: Plunet and Phrase Integration Secrets

Wednesday, 5pm (Berlin), 11am (NYC)

Integrating Phrase with Plunet could be the key to elevating your translation project management. Our upcoming live event will showcase how this powerful combination simplifies creating individual projects for each language pair, enhances efficiency, and ensures seamless assignment of Phrase users to Plunet resources. You’ll also learn about aligning Phrase organizations with Plunet clients and more. This session is an invaluable opportunity to streamline your translation projects.


Discover Insights on Project Tracking in Plunet

Wednesday, 5pm (Berlin), 11am (NYC)

Are you ready to unlock to maximize your team’s productivity to its fullest extent? Join our upcoming live event to delve into Plunet’s sophisticated time-tracking capabilities to streamline your time management practices, boost operational efficiency, and significantly ensure precise cost control.

Uncover a variety of time-tracking techniques, master the art of precise time allocation for specific tasks and client projects to improve budgeting and enhance client relationships, and delve into capturing tailored activities for a comprehensive understanding of your team’s workflow.


Streamlining Brand Operations: The Power of Plunet's Company Codes

Wednesday, 5pm (Berlin), 11am (NYC)

Are you facing challenges managing various business units or brands in one centralized system? If yes, our live event will explore the gateway to Plunet’s company codes that can change your daily business processes, offering a centralized, efficient, and customizable system to manage diverse business entities.

In this live session, you’ll learn how to run different parts of your business efficiently, including various offices around the world or separate legal entities, manage project access, and customize your system to manage diverse business entities.

Don’t hear it from us. Hear it from our customers.

Their success is our motivation. To date, more than 400 translation agencies and internal translation departments rely on Plunet in their daily work – and their trust is justified.

Different requirements. One translation project management software for...
Language Service ProvidersTranslation Departments

  • With Plunet you are faster – automatically.

    Are you looking for a translation project management software which automates the planning, steering, and control of your translation, interpreting, and business processes? Look no further. Plunet BusinessManager offers user-friendly translation project management for the language industry, combined with essential business functionalities. The intelligent automation of your standard processes will noticeably shorten your project lead times, resulting in a significant and sustainable increase in productivity.

  • Every business is run differently. Plunet ensures it runs smoothly.

    No two translation businesses are the same. Some companies deal with a large number of smaller projects and tight deadlines, while others handle long-term large-scale projects with complex requirements that need to be managed. Project work requires the organization and management of external or internal teams, and sometimes a mix of both. Plunet knows how to handle all possible scenarios, and offers optimized support for your specific requirements in your unique translation environment – no matter how complex that may be.

  • Plunet keeps innovation at the forefront.

    You always want state-of-the-art technology for your business? You feel that technology is your fast track ticket to growth and competitive advantage? Follow the lead of many other highly successful businesses and choose Plunet. Plunet has become a fixed component in the innovation and growth strategy of successful LSPs. We raise the bar and set new trends in close cooperation with our existing customers and technology partners, driving innovation in the translation and localization industry.

  • Your powerful partner for demanding large-scale projects.

    Plunet looks back on many years of experience with complex large-scale projects. From systematic analysis and consulting, professional system implementation and adaption, to first-class user support after go-live. Plunet is a strong partner you can rely on. Numerous global enterprises, multi-national NGOs, and renowned government organizations have successfully optimized their translation management with Plunet.

  • Seamless integration in existing system environments.

    Plunet's high flexibility and customer-specific developments ensure an innovative integration of the translation management system into your existing IT infrastructure. The modular system design, an extensive range of interfaces, and the highly performant API make Plunet the perfect choice for the integration in your ERP, eProcurement, content management, and CAT tool solutions.

  • Simple or complex: we ensure smooth workflows.

    Plunet automates your business processes and organizational structures and displays them transparently. Regardless of whether your translation department acts as a cost or profit center, or whether you are in charge of a team of in-house translators or external suppliers: Plunet handles complex translation management workflows with the same ease as it manages routine tasks. Informative financial reports offer a comprehensive overview of the performance of your translation services.


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