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A thousand different workflows. One solution.

Plunet BusinessManager offers a great variety of functions, and adapts to individual translation management workflows, guaranteeing optimized translation process automation and flexibility for professional users.

Plunet Dashboard

The dashboard is the centerpiece of Plunet BusinessManager, providing an overview of all key translation project information – ranging from translation requests, quotes and orders, to tasks, deadlines and invoices.

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Contact Management

Manage your customer and vendor data – regardless of the size of your company structure or those of your customers. You can assign fully customizable properties and as many price lists as you like to vendors and customers. These can then be easily selected when preparing quotes, orders and invoices.


The integrated portal for translation requests allows your customers to send in requests for quotes, issue orders, track projects and safely upload and download project files. As a project manager, you will be notified automatically about new requests both via e-mail and within the dashboard, allowing you to get new translation projects under way as fast as possible.

Quote Management

Prepare quotes quickly and easily with the automatic calculation tools. The integrated price lists together with the interfaces to all of the standard translation memory systems ensure that quotes are handled efficiently.

Order Management

Accelerate your translation project work with the automated order generation and scheduling tools. Within each order, jobs are created, suitable external and internal resources are automatically identified and requested via e-mail.


Control and monitor your accounting system with Plunet BusinessManager in one central place – whether you are creating outgoing invoices, collective invoices or partial invoices, processing credits, setting up credit lines or managing incoming invoices.

Queries & Reporting

Be it invoices, turnover, profits or cash flow – the Queries area allows you to create flexible reporting structures for senior management, controlling, sales and translation project management.

Our vision is efficient translation project management

With a team of highly specialised employees, Plunet develops Plunet BusinessManager - the leading business and translation project management software for the translation industry. Our product development builds on the core strengths of Plunet: Automation, Integration and Quality. These three components are packed into Plunet BusinessManager with passion and technological expertise.
  • Automation

    Through intelligent automation of all accumulating processes, Plunet offers a highly efficient translation management system for planning, controlling and handling localization and translation projects. Plunet BusinessManager makes life easier for thousands of project managers across the world every day, and the trend is rapidly increasing.

  • Integration

    We trust our excellent partner network of international technology leaders. The result is a complete, integrated localization management solution for the translation industry, which combines modular translation, project management and content management modules on the Plunet BusinessManager platform.

  • Quality

    With its clearly defined translation workflow processes and transparent structures, Plunet BusinessManager actively supports quality management and sustains quality assurance in your company. It is our aim to deliver the best possible service in the form of an industry-specific solution which is perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers.

Plunet modules

Plunet BusinessManager offers a great variety of functions, and flexibly adapts to individual translation management workflows, guaranteeing optimized process automation and flexibility for professional users.

Plunet EventManager

The Plunet EventManager module automates your quote and order management. A specifically configured file-folder monitoring function ensures that new translation project information and documents are made available by an external system, and are then generated automatically by Plunet as quote and order requests. Files can also be delivered automatically to the specified folders.


Plunet InterpretingManager

The Plunet InterpretingManager module maps the entire workflow of all your interpreting projects from the initial customer request to the final invoicing. This includes a local resource search based on the interpreter’s location, easy vendor assignment, and the creation of flexible price lists.


Workflow ResourceManager

Optimize your translation project work through standardized project processes with the Plunet WorkflowResourceManager module. Create automated translation workflow chains matching the exact order and customer-specific requirements. Automatically generated suggestion lists of available resources matching the specific project requirements speed up job assignment. Automatically calculated target completion times will help you plan your projects in accordance with requested deadlines.


Plunet QualityManager

Improve your overall production quality with the high-performance Plunet QualityManager module. Direct assessment mechanisms help determine the final quality of deliverables via resource evaluations and customer feedback. A comprehensive complaint management assists you in dealing with negative feedback quickly and efficiently, and offers the additional benefit of measuring and improving customer satisfaction. The module helps you track the conformity of your workflows based on the EN 15038/ISO 9001 standard.


Plunet PDF Manager

Send all your relevant translation project files quickly and easily in PDF format. The Plunet PDF Manager module automatically converts quotes, orders, jobs, and invoices into PDF files, which are then automatically sent as attachments to the corresponding e-mail messages. Even converting all of the RTF documents in the system to the user-friendly PDF format is a walk in the park with this module.


Plunet MarketingManager

Whether targeting new customers or improving customer loyalty - you can plan and control your marketing efforts with the Plunet MarketingManager. Create marketing tasks and specify relevant feedback categories individually. The Plunet Dashboard offers complete transparency and a comprehensive overview of all your tasks at any time.

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Plunet interfaces and integrations

Plunet BusinessManager offers the highest possible degree of tailor-made automation for your daily translation project work. With a great variety of interfaces, the Plunet business and translation management system enable you to combine the appropriate tools for your individual corporate structures and workflows in a flexible way.

CAT Tools

Plunet BusinessManager offers an exceptional range of powerful and flexible interfaces to the leading translation memory technologies - also known as computer-aided translation software (CAT tools). Thus, Plunet enables a significant optimization of all the production and business processes for innovative translation companies.

More Interfaces

Innovative translation companies use a variety of complementary software solutions for their increasingly high-tech work. Plunet's web-based business and translation management system offers interfaces to various software solutions.


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