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How Sprachenfabrik Reinvented Itself—Transformation as Strategy

Sprachenfabrik offers a wide range of language services, including translation, editing, PR consulting, copywriting, proofreading, interpreting and dubbing / subtitling film material.

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Founded as Bertelsmann's internal language department
Independent company
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Growth in sales since 2012
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Sprachenfabrik was founded in 2002 as an internal language department of the Bertelsmann concern. The department soon developed into a full-service provider for languages and international communication, and in 2014 the Sprachenfabrik GmbH was established as a separate company. Initially, a simple Access database was enough for the project managersʼ requirements. However, customer demands became more diverse and the project managers needed a new system to control processes that were becoming more and more complex.

We soon realized that the simple management system we were using did not meet these more complex specifications. With Plunet, we now have a project management system that is tailor-made for the needs of an independent language service provider. Jörg VogtCEO, Sprachenfabrik
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The Challenges

Time-consuming process

The growing order situation meant that the amount of time required for management activities (processing invoices, assignment and filing systems, etc.) increased considerably. The company lacked options for automating repetitive tasks.

No CAT tool integration

Due to an increase in customer requirements, it was essential to have a smooth integration with the CAT tool memoQ and thus automate some translation processes. However, this integration did not exist.

Higher demands on project management

As the company and the number of customers grew, the number of freelancers increased and, as a result, more complex demands were placed on the project management. The system being used at this time could not display such diverse information or enable individual details to be quickly reproduced.

During my daily work, I really appreciate the automation of repetitive working steps for all kinds of orders in Plunet. Working with order templates, text analysis with the memoQ interface, managing payables and receivables directly in the system—these functions have saved us a lot of time. As a result, I can focus more on taking care of our individual customers and their texts.Olesya AndronovaProject Management, Sprachenfabrik
Olesya_Andronova_Sprachenfabrik_Plunet Translation Management System

The Solution

After an in­-depth analysis of different project management systems, Plunet was a clear choice. The translation management system provides the option of comprehensively automating and managing business processes. Furthermore, Plunetʼs seamless connection to the CAT tool memoQ was the deciding factor for Sprachenfabrik.

The Benefits

Simplified freelancer search and assignment

Today Sprachenfabrik is working with four times more freelancers than six years ago. Thanks to the search and calendar functions in Plunet BusinessManager, it is quick and easy to find the best specialist available, who can be assigned with a single click.

Better strategic planning

Conclusive analyses for strategic processes are available at all times. Furthermore, it is possible to enter customer and resource data in as much detail as required. This information can be customized and retrieved at any time using filter functions.

Significant time savings

Sprachenfabrik was able to save a lot of valuable time with automated processes (templates, CAT interfaces, invoice management, automated job workflows). The adjustments made to freelancer invoices was one of the most important changes. Using this automated function, invoices can be created four times quicker than before.


By implementing Plunet, Sprachenfabrik was able to automate, standardize, and simplify their working processes. As a result, so much time was saved that better strategic planning was possible. After six years of using Plunet, the customer base has increased 12­fold. Now even the entire feedback processes are being integrated into Plunet to ensure more efficient quality management.

We are currently working on integrating the Plunet QualityManager more strongly in our standardized working processes. We want to completely integrate into the tool the necessary quality management tasks that we are still partially performing outside of Plunet. Marie KnellerVendor Management, Sprachenfabrik
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