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Success with Plunet in Asia—How SuccessGlo Continued to Grow despite the Corona Crisis

The language service SuccessGlo—with a total of four sites in China, Singapore, and Vietnam—offers a wide range of services, from translation to software and app localization to MT solutions. The main focus is IT, Life Science, and patents.

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In the beginning, SuccessGlo used a system with a simple functionality, which was sufficient for their requirements at the time. The system had functions for project tracking, creating jobs, and invoices. As the company expanded to four sites in Asia, the requirements quickly changed. And at the beginning of 2020, the Corona crisis further intensified the increasing demands.

We needed a more sophisticated system to enable the integration and management of all projects, workflows, teams, and finances in a single platform.Steven ZouCEO and Founder
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Integrating quality assurance in work processes

For project managers and other members of the translation management processes, there was not enough transparency with regard to the quality of the language services, customer feedback, and team ratings.

Lack of process automation

Due to a lack of automation and efficient integrations, the more manual effort was required. Individual processes took up a lot of time, which negatively affected the project lead times and the overall translation volume.

Full, remote access to all files

During the Corona crisis, all employees at the four sites had to work from home. To avoid losses due to the crisis, it was important to ensure that both internal and external staff members had full access to all relevant data and projects. For SuccessGlo, it was also important that a new system could be integrated into the cloud environment that the company was already using.

The Solution

We chose Plunet because the software helps us to automate our workflows, track the history of individual projects and project series, and gain a deeper insight into financial data and the quality status of our projects. With Plunet, we have found a partner that understands our needs and can implement them as required.Steven ZouCEO and Founder

The Benefits

Significantly reduced project lead times

The integration of SDL Trados Studio enables an automated and error-free calculation of all prices and costs, as well as an overall more efficient translation management workflow. The standardized and automated processes resulted in a huge reduction of manual effort and 15 percent quicker project lead times, so more time could be spent on further development.

High flexibility and automation

As the leading ERP system in the translation industry, Plunet has long been capable of cloud computing. The integration of Plunet BusinessManager in the cloud environment at SuccessGlo enabled a smooth and complete switch to remote working, which was mandatory for all employees during the Corona crisis. Thanks to the increased flexibility and Plunet's numerous automation functions, it was possible to save 20 percent of the time required in the past. The huge amount of time gained by SuccessGlo can now be used for strategic activities.

Integrated quality assurance

With Plunet's additional module 'QualityManager' customer and team feedback can be integrated into the work processes. As a result, all ongoing projects can be monitored in real-time and potential issues can be anticipated. In addition, the module makes it easier to comply with the international quality standard for translation service providers (ISO 17100). If this standard is selected as a criterion in a project, only resources that are certified according to the standard will be suggested for jobs.

Well-founded strategic decisions

With customizable status reports and queries available at all stages of the translation management process, the progress of individual projects and project series can be tracked in detail. The results are used as the basis for strategic decisions and the further development of the company.


SuccessGlo has not only been able to withstand the Corona crisis but can also look forward to the future with
optimism. Automated and standardized processes ensure efficient workflow management. The integration of Plunet in the cloud environment and the many integrations with third-party providers guarantee high flexibility and time-saving automation. And, last but not least, customizable status reports foster well-founded business decisions.
With Plunet, SuccessGlo will continue to grow.

We want all of our team members to work on a single platform. Plunet provides functions for this that are not only powerful but also easy to use. We want to strategically use the quality and financial metrics that we measure using the customizable status reports. This will support the future growth of SuccessGlo.Steven ZouCEO and Founder


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