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What drives us

  • Expertise

    Our many years of experience and extensive industry know-how allow us to understand your exact business needs and requirements.

  • Commitment

    We enjoy what we do, and put a lot of passion into our work. This focus and commitment is very much apparent in our products and services.

  • Reliability

    Our customers and partners can always rely on us to keep our promises.

  • Fairness

    We treat our colleagues, customers, business partners and competitors with equality and respect.

Plunet makes the difference

Expert Advice

Whether language service provider or translation department – our consulting team takes your problems seriously, and delivers a professional solution for companies of all sizes.

Based on our industry know-how, we will translate your individual requirements into technological workflows, and identify improvement potential in collaboration with you and your team. We strive towards long-term business partnerships built on mutual trust. We put all of our energy into achieving this goal - right from the first moment of contact.

Product Management with Vision

Our product managers are the innovative visionaries of our team, and tend to set new industry benchmarks. They know how to utilize every strength of Plunet completely, and assist in the target-oriented and continuing further development of Plunet BusinessManager with an unfaltering eye on product strategy.

Our product management team works closely with Plunet users and technology partners to evaluate new feature requests, and to devise future-oriented functionalities, modules, and interfaces. In other words, everything our product managers do is focused towards one goal: the optimization of your business and translation management processes.

User-focused Design

Our UX designers ensure intuitive usability and create an information architecture that is geared towards success. Our designers cater for clearly defined and instinctive user flows, while the pixel-perfect, sophisticated interface elements make every user’s heart beat a little faster.

To achieve this, they analyze use cases, create prototypes and conduct regular usability tests. The knowledge gained here is used to develop a product that not only satisfies the current requirements of the translation industry, but also sets new standards for the future.

Efficient Development

Our strong teams and driven developers create the impossible: a translation management solution that grows flexibly with your business structures. Based on next generation technologies, Plunet can be adapted to specialized requirements, and offers solutions for the most sophisticated organizational demands.

More than 150,000 hours of development hours have been invested in Plunet BusinessManager to date. This has resulted in Plunet becoming market leader in translation management software in terms of system flexibility, process automation, and interface compatibility.

Multilingual Implementation

Our highly experienced implementation team can look back on more than 350 software implementations to date. The team has studied your individual business requirements in detail and knows exactly what a successful system implementation should entail.

You can rely on our specialists to guide you through the entire implementation phase and turn you and your team into real Plunet experts. Our team will cater to your individual training requirements for online or on-site implementation, offering group training or train the trainer programs.

Quality Management & Support

Our quality management team is well-known for its ability to detect even the smallest issues. Plunet BusinessManager is tested meticulously for any possible bugs, ensuring your long-term system stability and usability. Furthermore, the team creates and maintains our online help, offering user-friendly Plunet manuals, extensive release notes, as well as presenting periodic user webinars.

You can always count on our Plunet support team if you still have questions or need help. Our support team is committed to excellence, and answers any user questions thoroughly and quickly. The team tirelessly addresses support tickets and offers expert advice on your free Plunet upgrades.

Our clients say it best

Increased Efficiency for Our Customers

Thanks to Plunet Translation Management System, Clear Words Translations has been able to expand our capabilities. We are more organized and efficient, and better positioned to serve clients globally. Which means greater revenues for us and increased efficiency for our customers.
Clear Words TranslationsCarina Cesano, Managing Director

Reduction of reaction and processing time

IDEM is a technical documentation service provider, specializing in the automotive, energy and mobility sectors. With Plunet, we were able to significantly reduce our reaction and processing times and handle more translation projects in less time. Plunet’s central data management system has streamlined the information management of our growing customer base. Last but not least, Plunet provides flexible settings that enable us to offer all kinds of customers individual solutions for their translations.
IDEM - Division of FS-ZM GmbHMaria Jordan, Lead Translation/Editing

Data centralization and reporting

Data centralization and reporting, easy project management features and responsive customer service are few of the many benefits that led us to work with PLUNET. Their translation management system helped our team to increase productivity, while improving the control and coordination on every project.
DataSource International Ltd.Olivier Darnay, Managing Director

Reliable and constantly evolving

Our Project Management team started using Plunet BusinessManager back in 2008. It has proven to be a reliable and constantly evolving translation management system that helps us with our everyday planning, monitoring and the automation of our processes. Plunet adapts to our needs and gives us and our clients a clear overview of all our quotes, orders and invoices.
Commit GlobalEffie Salourou, Customer Operations

Integral part of our work processes

PURETRANS Language Services provides translation services for a constantly growing customer base. During preparations for ISO 17100 certification, we started to use Plunet for the management of our translation projects. Plunet has become an integral part of our work processes. Our entire workflow is documented in Plunet in the best possible way and can be accessed by all of our PMs at all times. Thanks to the seamless CAT integration, we can even initiate our SDL Studio projects in Plunet, which helps us to manage them in a more efficient way.
PURETRANS LANGUAGE SERVICES e.U.Johannes Purer, Managing Director

A customized system

Apostroph Group can look back on over 25 years as a premier provider of translations, adaptations, proofreading and editing. For a language service provider, the quality of its translation management system is an important factor for its success. A comparison with other providers has clearly shown that Plunet is the best product on the market for the requirements of Apostroph Group.
Apostroph GroupTamara Weßel, Operative Management

Wide range of functions

Having worked with various translation management systems in the past, our company now uses Plunet since a few years and we are highly satisfied. Plunet offers a wide range of functions to cover for almost all aspects of the daily translation business. Not only does Plunet give a clear picture of all ongoing work, it also provides us with all relevant KPIs regarding the financial side of the translation business. Plunet greatly contributes to the efficiency in our daily work.
ETC Europe scrlAngelina Janssen, Managing Director

Powerful and customizable workflow capabilities

Choosing the translation management system Plunet BusinessManager was a straightforward process as we needed to handle challenging and complex translation projects with intricacies of any kind, due to its powerful and customizable workflow capabilities. Two additional key features were the integration with the leading translation memory solutions and the possibility of consolidating in-house and external resources activities in a single platform.
LinguarisIvan Escamilla, Managing Director

Boosted our overall efficiency

We opted for Plunet in 2011, and it was a decision we never felt sorry about. Plunet Translation Management Systems has boosted our overall efficiency by some 30 percent. We have streamlined our operations and now get real-time data that clearly indicate where we are going and what further improvements should be made. Plunet BusinessManager enables us to have closer relations with our customers and maintain efficient interaction between internal departments within the company. We strongly recommend Plunet to any company doing business in the translation industry.
London-Moscow TranslationsMaxim Gribov, CEO

Maximizing our performance

Our Project Management team has been using Plunet BusinessManager since 2014 and it has become a crucial tool for maximizing our performance. Our translation workflow, from quoting to invoicing, is now automated and efficiently managed and controlled. The fact that it offers standardized processes within our ISO 17100 certification is also a strength.
Consenso Global, Lda.Pedro Santos, Managing Director

Optimization of our business processes

As a pioneer in the adoption of new technologies Netwire was the first translation agency in Brazil to implement Plunet as the company’s central business and translation management system. In 2011, we needed a system to optimize our business process and Plunet has been a workhorse solution! As a result, we highly developed the productivity of our project managers and the number of successfully handled projects per year.
NetwireAleksander F. Honma, CEO

Reliable and efficient

We utilize Plunet BusinessManager as our central project management platform and interface for our global network of currently over 500 translators. It is perfectly customized to match our translation business requirements, and allows us to process the most diverse translation projects – from entire catalogs to annual reports and technical documentation – reliably, efficiently and within target deadlines.
Sprachenfabrik GmbHJörg Vogt, CEO

Handle the whole process in one system

Everyone in the localization industry seems to be looking for a business & translation management system specially designed for language service providers. We have not found a better tailored solution than Plunet BusinessManager. Additionally, Plunet brings us advantages in the cooperation with customers: Now, we are able to handle the whole translation management process from quoting to billing in one system – much to the joy of our customers!
Afford Translation and Interpreting Ltd.András Winkler-Virág, CEO

Reliable platform

In 2011, we decided that Plunet BusinessManager, a stable and sophisticated translation management software, would perfectly meet our demand for a reliable platform to further streamline the ever-evolving business processes of our growing organization. Working with Plunet means working with a single high-yield system serving all parties involved in the translation project lifecycle, and this is exactly what we were looking for.
TranslavicJeroen Hesp, Managing Director

Basis of our quality level

AMPERSAND Translations is a medium-sized translation company founded in Barcelona almost 20 years ago. The translation management system Plunet BusinessManager, combined with our procedural approach to translating and our choice for in-house translation is the basis of our quality level and our expertise: high-quality, large-volume, short-turnaround translation projects. Our Translation Management System is Plunet Business Manager.
AMPERSAND TranslationsXavi Garcia, CEO

Automation, integration and quality

Suma is a translation company that offers translation and localization services to companies from various industries around the globe. The translation management software Plunet BusinessManager met our ambitious plans for success. Automation, integration and quality are the main assets with this business and translation management system. Using Plunet we automated our processes and improved our project management service.
sumaInes Iros, CFO

Work simplification by Plunet

We work with the translation workflow management software Plunet BusinessManager to make our project management insightful. It is much easier to work with all the PO’s and jobs, incoming and outgoing invoices. As CEO, COO and director we are very grateful for the overview in Plunet about gross profits, margins and other important information needed to lead and guide a company to the next level.
Euro-Com International B.V.Malon Hamoen, Managing Director

Modification in accordance with specific needs

We decided on the translation management system Plunet due to several facts: Plunet is an independent company, Plunet BusinessManager can be adjusted and modified in accordance with specific needs, intuitive user interface, full integration with several third-party systems, continuous development of improvements and new features – and last but not least the people at Plunet are both professional and friendly.
World Translation A/SIb Brandt Jørgensen, Director

Reduction of project management time

The translation management software Plunet BusinessManager allowed us to maintain control over the incoming work, quickly process our clients’ demands, and efficiently distribute the jobs to our internal and external resources. The fact that Plunet also integrates with our translation memory server was another key factor in choosing this translation management system. It noticeably reduces the project management time, especially for voluminous projects.
LWT CommunicationsClaude Edery, Director

Match our way of working completely

After a thorough market study of all the available Translation Management Systems and a trial period of the top 3 systems, we eventually decided on Plunet. Plunet BusinessManager match our way of working and the Plunet staff were much more helpful than their competitors. Our Project managers now completely rely on Plunet for processing their translation projects. The dashboards provide a clear overview of all deadlines, prices, clients and translators. Reports are completed by just one click. Plunet has become our trusted partner in translation workflow management automation and efficiency.
AtradoStefan Vanluyten, CEO

Effective translation management

The Plunet translation management system gives us the ability to centralize and standardize all information concerning clients, vendors and projects. The primary benefits of our Plunet system are the effective translation management of multiple, complex projects executed simultaneously from quotation to delivery and the efficient translation project tracking at each stage in the project life cycle.
Interpro Translation SolutionsRalph M. Strozza, CEO

Engagement and assistance in any way

The flexible infrastructure of Plunet BusinessManager adapts to our internal workflow, making it the absolute best product that will meet our needs. The appeal is not just the impressive technology of Plunet; it’s also the dedication of the Plunet employees who are there to assist in any way, at a moment’s notice. We’re excited about how Plunet BusinessManager will improve our internal operations and service to our clients.
LinguaLinx, Inc.David Smith, President

Clear picture of all translation projects

ProLinguo has been working with Plunet BusinessManager since 2006 and since then we have benefited considerably. Thanks to Plunet BusinessManager we are always able to maintain a clear picture of open and completed projects, react quicker to enquiries and work more efficiently. Plunet has considerably reduced the time we spend on administration. That keeps us competitive and makes our customers happy.
ProLinguo GmbHAnna Kaleta, CEO

Management of all our business processes

Since 2004, we have used Plunet BusinessManager to manage all our business processes – from quotations to order processing and invoicing. We are constantly impressed by the flexibility and adaptability of this translation management system. Its numerous interfaces facilitate seamless integration with other software applications, and substantially increase the efficiency of our translation workflows. We believe that Plunet is the best translation management solution for keeping our processes lean while ensuring complete documentation and transparency for customers, external employees and business partners.
TL TRANSLATIONES GmbHKatharina Krause, Managing Director

Direct access for our external suppliers

With the continuous growth of our customer base and in-house team made it indispensible for us to find a new translation project management software that was both powerful and user-friendly. In addition to the time and money the system saves, being able to give external suppliers direct access to the Plunet BusinessManager is an important advantage for us. Our freelancers value the way in which their jobs are clearly presented and Plunet also gives them closer involvement with the team of in-house employees.
Peschel CommunicationsAnja Peschel, CEO

Streamlined internal workflows

To enable optimal and efficient project management and workflows, we have decided to use the translation management software Plunet BusinessManager. The ability to integrate our in-house translators and partner agencies in many different countries in Plunet BusinessManager has considerably streamlined our internal workflows and has also greatly improved our customer-facing processes from preparing offers to invoicing.
LanguageLink Sprachdienste GmbHMonika Kleinpeter, Managing Partner

Automating our processes

Interlingua is a successful translation company which has been in the business for 30 years. Using Plunet BusinessManager allows us to save time and expenses even when carrying out large and demanding translation projects. By automating our processes, Plunet helps us to deliver greater efficiency in translation project management.
ILS GmbHMag. Sabine Kern, Managing Director

Collaborative project management environment

SpanSource is a leading Language Services Provider. Our production and billing centers in Argentina and the USA require a centralized business administration platform and individual reporting functionalities. The Plunet BusinessManager translation management system is the ideal software solution because it enables a collaborative project management environment between our sites and delivers scalability for our fast-growing internal and external teams.
SpanSource SRLFacundo Fernandez-Irujo, CEO

Sustainable translation management

As an international translation company, we discovered Plunet about ten years ago as an intelligent solution for order processing and central data storage for and within all our branches. The automated process steps – especially tailored to the translation industry’s needs – result in shorter response times and facilitate the coordination of translation orders. This gives our project managers more time for advising clients individually and delivering a professional translation service.
EVS Translations GmbHMarta Cajaraville, Head of Translation Technology

Prompt support

We have been using our own homegrown solution for years to effectively manage our work. Product maintenance and costs for upkeep were high, for this reason we made the decision to invest in a solution that was better supported and added more functionality. Important factors for us were that the solution met or exceeded our business needs and we could be certain about prompt support for issue resolution. We felt that all the criteria was met with Plunet's Business and Translation Management System.
PTI GlobalTobias Scherf, COO

Simplified project work

Plunet is the only translation management system on the market that efficiently supports planning and controlling translation services. The daily project work is greatly simplified by the fact that Plunet enables the definition of your own company codes for individual divisions and that you can truly work with a single system - without having to jump between systems.
GFT Gesellschaft für Technische Dienstleistungen mbhJohann Mayr, CEO

Standardized working processes

We decided to choose Plunet because we need a business and translation workflow management system for all areas of our business which is not only capable of a high level of integration and is very adaptable, but which also offers carefully standardized working processes within the scope of our certified quality management processes. This is exactly where we see one of the major strengths of Plunet BusinessManager.
EnssnerZeitgeist GmbHChristian Enssner, CEO

Uncomparable interoperability

The translation management system Plunet BusinessManager has become an indispensable part of our operations when it comes to managing projects at our Berlin and Basel offices. The inherent flexibility of the software helps us meet the broad range of demands of our customers. A game-breaking feature for us was the ability to connect with the translation memory systems we employ and to implement our quality assurance measures directly into the workflows.
RWS Group GermanyFrançois Filandre, Head of Professional Services

Customer focus and quality

We were looking for a business and translation management system that would offer long-term support not only for our existing processes and structures, but also with regard to our continuous company growth. At the same time, it was important that the company behind the product shared our values in terms of customer focus and quality. Therefore, the decision for Plunet was a very straightforward one.
JABA TranslationsJoaquim Alves, CEO

Customer Stories – Success with Plunet

Be inspired by our customers’ success stories: Learn how language service providers overcame their challenges with Plunet and were able to accelerate their growth.

Our strong network of partners

Together with the supplementary products of our leading technology partners, we form a solution that enables integrated workflows from A to Z.
Within its own educational program, Plunet Academy, Plunet supports the teaching and research at selected universities in a variety of ways. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact us at: academy(at)plunet(dot)com
Plunet is involved in several leading national and international industry associations.


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