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How ALT Translations Achieved over 85 Percent of Cost Reduction

ALT Translations, LLC, a Morningside Company, implemented Plunet in 2010 and replaced their in-house software solution for good reasons.

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ALT Translations, LLC, a Morningside Company had previously been working with a proprietary business management system. By 2010, ALT had reached a point where the system could not keep up with the continual growth of the company. The costs to maintain and improve the system were no longer sustainable. Furthermore, there was a lack of technical support, as only one person was responsible for the system.

The risk of having such an important management system rely on the capabilities and availability of a single employee was far too great to accept over the long term.Scott BassManaging Director, ALT Translations LLC
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The Solution

ALT needed a translation management system that would enable staff to concentrate solely on translations and project management, rather than spending time managing the software product itself. The ideal solution would provide the same functional scope as ALT’s proprietary software without the high costs that come with a complex software product. ALT chose Plunet, as it matched the scope of the previous system and proved to be an economical choice that would cut costs for ALT from year one.

The Benefits

Substantial cost reduction

The development and maintenance of ALT’s proprietary business management system previously took place in-house, with correspondingly high costs. The implementation of Plunet BusinessManager has helped ALT cut costs across the entire business workflow. As a result, from 2011/12 onwards, ALT has been able to look back on savings of over 85 percent per year regarding costs for licenses, support, and maintenance. Furthermore, the maintenance costs can now be reliably predicted from year to year.

Assistance from a reliable support team

Before ALT began using Plunet, there was only one person responsible for maintaining the proprietary business management tool. This approach came with a number of risks: invaluable data could be lost from one day to the next, and technical issues could stand in the way of daily tasks. Plunet’s knowledgeable and dependable support team has solved this problem.

Plunet’s support has been far more responsive than our own internal support was ever able to achieve!Scott Bass

Increased efficiency though automated processes

Plunet BusinessManager has helped ALT automate its processes and noticeably increase project management efficiency. It is now possible for ALT to access and organize large amounts of information quickly and easily. Thanks to Plunet's automation features, daily operations run more smoothly than before. The entire project management process is now more streamlined, which saves time for the project managers and significantly increases the overall productivity.

I asked my project management team what working would be like without Plunet. They all replied that they wouldn’t want to do their jobs without it!Scott BassManaging Director


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