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How Akorbi Boosted its Growth Potential

Akorbi is a US-based company providing enterprise solutions that empower companies to achieve success in the global economy.

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Project managers
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Akorbi had proprietary software that was developed in-house to manage translation and localization workflows. Over the years, more and more features and extensions were added to the software. While IT costs increased significantly, it was not possible to keep up with the growing demands and the changes in the market. Akorbi needed a reliable software infrastructure to handle the forecasted growth.

Akorbi spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and several years in the development of our home-grown management system without being able to cover all needed functionality.Claudia MirzaCEO, Akorbi
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The Challenges

Increasing cost

Software-related costs increased significantly over the years. Expenses were unpredictable, which created a risk for Akorbi’s financial stability and growth. Akorbi was forced to invest more and more to maintain their home-grown system, which was not built for the volume of data that Akorbi accumulated over the years.

Too much manual work

Vendors submitted their invoices via e-mail, which then had to be imported manually into the accounting tool, with no link to the proprietary management system. There was a high risk of human error when data was manually transferred from one system to the other. Furthermore, no CAT tools were integrated with the proprietary system.

No centralized data management or reporting

Internationalization required updates in real time and a centralized data management with granular access rights, which the in-house solution could not provide at the required level. Reporting could only be done in an external accounting tool, which missed crucial data collected over the course of the workflow.

Insufficient workflow flexibility

Changing workflows and tasks during a live project was complicated and time-consuming. Manual and redundant tasks made the workflow inefficient.

The Solution

After an extensive evaluation of the solutions available on the market, Akorbi chose Plunet because of its high reputation in the language industry. Plunet is now the centerpiece of Akorbi’s business and translation management infrastructure.

Plunet Business Manager provides flexible business process and translation management support, not only for our existing needs but for our company’s continuous and long-term growth.Claudia Mirza

The Benefits

Automation of business & production workflows

Integrated vendor invoicing in Plunet aided the management of freelancers and agencies. The increased satisfaction of external vendors, in turn, led to better performance. The elimination of redundant tasks freed up time. This helped the management to detect and eliminate hidden expenses.

Improved company growth strategy and efficient management

The timesheet and profit margin functionality in Plunet detected clients that were not profitable, which lead to strategic decisions with regard to profit margins and the definition of target clients. Internal benefits included the concentration of talent development based on data in the Plunet system and an improved onboarding process with training videos and standardized processes.

IT cost reduction up to 75 %

Over the course of three years, Akorbi was able to reduce their annual software expenses by 75 percent per year on average, thanks to the elimination of internal development costs and Plunet’s lower maintenance costs. The cost savings were calculated based on the cost of the software development and the cost of product management by the high-level staff, compared with the fixed cost and initial investment in Plunet.


Thanks to the state-of-the-art software, improved processes and optimized infrastructure, Akorbi can now focus on larger, high volume customers with complex workflows and prevent redundant tasks.

This software allows us to better serve our clients by helping our project managers streamline workflow, decrease delivery time and eliminate duplicate tasks, regardless of the size or complexity of projects.Claudia Mirza


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