How Centralization Became the Key to Success for EVS Translations

The international translation service provider EVS Translations supports customers in a wide variety of industries with multilingual language services. The services range from translation to localization to voiceovers.

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The story of EVS Translations began in 1991 as Edward Vick, originally from the UK, founded a translation agency for the financial sector in Offenbach am Main in Germany. Over the years, EVS Translations extended the range of its services and customers and expanded into an international language service provider. Soon it became clear that the manually managed lists were not enough to meet the increased requirements. To manage the growing customer base, EVS Translations needed a system that excels both on the German market and internationally.

When we started at the beginning of the 1990s, we carried out our management processes manually. Once the company started to grow and digitalization increased, there were a need and a market for a system that helps to effectively organize business processes across multiple locations.Edward VickFounder and CEO, EVS Translations GmbH
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The Challenges

Extra time and effort due to lack of centralization

The eight offices across the world—each with their own processes and storage systems—presented a major challenge. EVS Translations staff did not have a sufficient overview of every project status or customer, which meant that they had to invest a lot of time and energy in processing the projects of the individual sites.

Challenges in quality management

EVS Translations is certified according to the ISO standards 9001 and 17100 but did not have a system that took these standards into account for individual jobs, which would simplify the entire quality management process.

The Solution

After extensive research, EVS Translations opted for Plunet. There were three deciding factors: Individual project steps can be standardized across different sites, all relevant project information can be stored centrally, and important KPIs can be identified using the reporting functions.

We assessed several solutions, but ultimately we were impressed by Plunet's convenient user interface, the possibility of reproducing most of our processes in the system, and not least the title "Made for Translation Companies".Jonathan FlathmannHead of Translation Technology Development, EVS Translations GmbH
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The Benefits

Centralization for better participation

Plunet BusinessManager provides EVS Translations with a central, digital storage place for project and customer information. In this way, all project participants (sales, project management, accounting, and upper management) can access the required information according to their role and permissions in the system. Thanks to the centralization, the individual offices work more closely as part of the whole company, which also makes it easier to find vendors. Above all, this enables a better integration of all involved. This advantage has led to an increase in existing customer business of 24 percent per year since 2009.

Improved planning thanks to detailed reports

With Plunet's integrated reporting options, EVS Translations can create valuable statistics on all important business and performance figures and organize them by language, customer and project. This results in a detailed overview of individual projects and processes.

Time savings through automation

With the wide range of pre-defined and customizable templates in Plunet, EVS can enter and apply information much more quickly than before. The company no longer has to carry out lengthy calculation processes, because prices are calculated automatically using the price lists in Plunet.


After the successful changes made to their business processes, EVS Translations is planning to further expand their management system. With Plunet's configurable solution, individual customizations can be made at any time. For EVS Translations, this particularly includes a stronger integration of the accounting programs DATEV and SAGE.

We've still got a lot planned with Plunet! We want to give our customers more options for linking their processes with ours. And we are always striving to improve our internal processes: Good is never good enough.Jonathan Flathmann


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