The New Plunet 7.0

Translation management as you’ve never seen it before

Highly functional.

UX & Automation

Item section performs better than ever.

The central item section for quotes, orders and invoices is now more intuitive than ever before, with a clearer layout and better performance. Major projects with many items can now be processed more quickly and conveniently.

Subtotals are more clearly defined, price memos are highlighted in color, while individual buttons are now grouped together in logical drop-down lists. With the upgrade, the entire item area becomes more user-friendly and provides a more satisfying user experience all round.
items_Plunet Translation Management System

Job management
just got simpler.

Gone are the days when each job in an order had to be assigned with a separate e-mail. Multiple jobs can be assigned simultaneously to the same resource. And now they only receive one e-mail with details about all of their assigned jobs in a project, presented in a logical order.

This saves your project managers time and gives your resources a better overview of their current projects.
Reporting & KPIs

Refine your search
with multiple filters.

You can now use as many filters as you like for more detailed reporting and precise searches. This increased flexibility makes it possible to customize your search, so it’s easier to find the reports that are most relevant.
funnel_Plunet Translation Management System

Keep up
with your KPIs.

The new parameter “processing time” shows exactly how long it takes for requests to be converted into quotes, giving more control over productivity and efficiency. This helps customers’ requests to be processed within the correct time frame.
stopwatch_Plunet Translation Management System
Global Business

More consistency.
Less confusion.

Plunet now handles foreign currencies better by keeping numbers consistent in accounting and Plunet BusinessManager.

If desired, all price lines and total prices in quote/order items and jobs are now automatically rounded in line with the minimum unit of a given currency. This means fewer unnecessary decimal places and more clarity for customers and accounting.
cup_Plunet Translation Management System
Quality Management

Raise quality.
Reduce workload.

Set the system to automatically calculate bonuses or discounts for jobs so you don’t have to. The calculation is based on values for different feedback criteria.

For example, set it up so jobs with a high rating automatically get a bonus, while jobs with a low rating get a deduction. This feature motivates resources, increases the overall quality of the translation jobs and saves the project manager time.
cup_Plunet Translation Management System

international standards
of excellence.

Plunet Business Manager 7.0* is now certified to the ISO 17100:2015 global standard. Not simply because it meets the necessary standards, but because it exceeds them. The certification covers the full spectrum of the translation project management process and our 7.0 release also satisfies all requirements for safety, traceability and qualifications of translation resources.

More than meeting standards, this certification leaves you knowing that you are in a position to offer your customers the best service possible.

*The certification is valid only for Plunet BusinessManager V7.0 with the module QualityManager installed and ISO-functionality activated.

ribbon_Plunet Translation Management System
Online Help

Enjoy next level help.

The Plunet Help has been completely restructured, and is even more rewarding to use. It features access to an extensive new range of topics, with intuitive navigation and a modern, user orientated design.
computer_Plunet Translation Management System
Across Interface

Two systems.
One seamless experience.

Plunet’s interface to Across has been enhanced, which means that translation projects can soon be exchanged between multiple Plunet and Across instances seamlessly and efficiently. The new AcrossManager interface will be available from October/November as part of the current release. This means more automation and less manual effort. Projects only need to be created once and management is done with a single translation management system: Plunet BusinessManager.

How it works for the end customer.

Projects can be created and managed in Plunet and automatically pushed to the LSP's Trusted Server in Across.
across1_Plunet Translation Management System

How it works for the LSP.

Across projects can be imported directly into Plunet, from which they can be easily processed. Once the project is complete, Plunet automatically delivers it back to the end customer’s Master Server in Across.
across2_Plunet Translation Management System

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