My Favorite Features in Plunet 7.2 – Price List per Customer & Customer Group

The new version 7.2 of the leading translation management system Plunet BusinessManager was released last week and is full of exciting enhancements. Plunet 7.2 inspired our colleagues to write an article about their favorite features in the new version. Our implementation specialist Simona will start us off with her favorite new feature: “Price List per Customer & Customer Group”.

Enjoy reading!

What problem did it solve?

In the highly complex language industry, each company needs specific requirements and criteria to be met by translators, editors, DTP specialists, interpreters and other service providers. Therefore, it’s important to define and separate different areas of expertise, types of services, certifications, etc. and be able to quickly and accurately select qualified service providers for specific projects.

One easy way to do this in Plunet is by creating customer-specific price lists for vendors. With the new version 7.2, you can define a price list as being applicable not only to individual customers, but also to customer groups.

Who needs it?

Simply put, everyone! Different industries need different requirements to be met. By creating customer groups in your system, you are first of all consolidating your data and improving the results of your reports/searches. You can now run reports not only at customer level, but for all customers belonging to such a group. Customers in the legal industry can all be grouped together, separately from those in the medical or in the public sector, for example.

Terminology, qualifications and specifics needed from vendors for all these different areas differ as well – subsequently, vendors will most likely have different pricing to reflect each industry. The same vendor might offer lower rates for general translation, but require higher rates in sophisticated areas like patent translation or translation of sensitive material.

You can designate a vendor’s price list as not only applicable to a specific customer, but also to an entire customer group. The correct price list will be selected in a job when the project’s customer belongs to the specified customer group.

How does it help?

This feature provides two benefits: it allows you to fine-tune pricing for your vendors and ensures that the correct price list is automatically applied by the system, leaving no room for error.

For more information and help with the setup, please see page 33 of our release notes or watch our release webinar. You will find both in the Plunet Online Help in the section „Plunet Releases“.

About Simona

Simona Hodrea is an Implementation Specialist at Plunet Inc. She has extensive management experience in the translation industry, is software-savvy and well-versed in DTP / document processing. Her role is to train new and existing clients by offering expert guidance during their Plunet system customization; she helps streamline and improve customers’ processes through the use of Plunet.



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