My Favorite Feature in Plunet 7.2 – Automated Quote and Order Creation

After Simona’s favorite Plunet 7.2 feature „Price Lists per Customer and Customer Group“ and Sophie’s “Multi-Team Projects”, Vi Bui tells us all about her favorite feature – the AutomationManager module!

Enjoy reading! 🙂

What problem did it solve?

Automation is becoming more and more critical in today’s world – especially for the fast-paced and highly complex translation and localization industry.

On the one hand, customers wish for a price estimation as fast as possible. On the other hand, quote creation becomes more complex, as translation memory and specific customer or industry rates have to be taken into consideration. In addition, increasing globalization and time zone differences require access to pricing information almost 24/7.

Plunet has developed a new module to provide our customers with a new competitive advantage: The AutomationManager. Plunet can automate the process of quote and order creation after receiving a request through the customer portal – without the need of any human interaction!

After the customer sends a request, Plunet automatically triggers the CAT tool to receive word counts and analysis results, which seamlessly connect to the corresponding customer price list to create the price estimation. Based on customizable templates, Plunet e-mails the quote to the customer without any manual activity from the project or sales manager. If the customer accepts the quote in the customer portal, the system will automatically create an order in Plunet and send an order confirmation to the customer.

From here on, the project manager can start working on the project by searching for the best resources and assigning vendors. The workflow template for the project can also be pre-defined.

Who needs it?

Everyone who would like to provide their customers with an excellent service by giving them access to price estimations at any time or everyone who simply wants to save their project manager’s valuable time.

How does it help?

Apart from the strong advantage of saving time, human errors can be avoided. The module includes a plausibility check that makes sure deadlines can be met based on the calculated planned time. What automation essentially does is utilize the full potential of a system that has all relevant data already stored in order to vastly facilitate a project manager’s workload.

For more information and help with the setup, please see page 14 of our Release Notes or watch our Release webinar.

About Vi

Vi Bui is one of our Business Development Managers at Plunet GmbH. Vi has a Master degree in International Economics and has been working since March 2017 for Plunet. At Plunet, she is responsible for the worldwide customers and prospects and helps them to find the most suitable translation management workflows for their business.



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