Improve Your Translation Quality Management With Plunet

An efficient quality management is one of the most important components in the language industry. More and more translation buyers expect documented project and quality management when choosing their vendors.

The Plunet QualityManager module makes this possible in an efficient and streamlined way

  • Everything In One Place: Operate your automated quality management processes directly via a single platform

  • Enhanced Performance: Improve your overall production quality & take your standards to the next level

  • Assessment Of Projects: Collect your customers’ feedback via the client portal & measurably increase their satisfaction

  • High Quality Ensured: Document & monitor the conformity of your workflows with official quality standards

Feedback Management

Resource Assessment

Manage customizable performance reviews of your internal employees and external vendors in their resource profiles. The average feedback is also displayed in the vendor search to help you find the best resource.

Job Feedback

Allow your project managers or subsequent vendors to review delivered jobs based on customizable criteria directly in the project workflow. The average job feedback can also be used as a filter in the resource search.

Order Feedback

Enable your customers to rate a project based on user-defined criteria after delivery. The feedback can be given directly via the customer portal or can be recorded manually by the project manager.

Complaint Management

Order Complaint

Document and manage your client complaints transparently with the Plunet QualityManager. Enable your customers to enter complaints directly via the customer portal, or let your project manager record complaints manually for internal documentation. You can also track actions taken in repsonse to complaints, such as discounts or revision.

Job Complaints

Job complaints can be used for internal documentation of mistakes at job level (e.g. bad translation quality), and can be linked to order complaints, if applicable. It is also possible to track the costs of complaints.


Certified Workflows

Document and monitor conformity with official quality standards, such as ISO 17100, based on your individual workflow settings with the Plunet QualityManager module and get certification more easily.


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