Deciding on TBMS: 8 Reasons to Choose Buying Over Building Software

For translation and language service providers (LSPs), deciding between building a custom translation business management system (TBMS) or buying an existing one is critical. With the development of specialized software like Plunet’s BusinessManager, the landscape has shifted, influencing this choice. Here are eight compelling reasons why purchasing an out-of-the-box solution like Plunet trumps developing proprietary software.

The Pitfalls of Building

                  1. Escalating Development Costs: Building proprietary software can lead to skyrocketing
                    expenses that are hard to predict and control.
                  2. Business Continuity Risks: Developing in-house solutions can introduce risks to ongoing
                    business operations, potentially disrupting continuity.
                  3. Gaps in Functionality and Security: In-house developed systems may need more features
                    and security vulnerabilities, which are overlooked due to limited expertise or capacity.
                  4. Unpredictable Market Entry Time: The time it takes to develop and deploy a custom
                    software can be uncertain, delaying market entry significantly.

The Advantages of Buying

                  1. Predictable and Lower Costs: Purchasing a system like Plunet’s BusinessManager comes
                    with lower, more predictable costs than in-house development.
                  2. Minimized Business Risks: Out-of-the-box solutions reduce the risk by providing a stable,
                    tested, and reliable product.
                  3. Cutting-Edge Technology and Features: Buying a solution ensures access to state-of-the-art
                    technology and comprehensive features.
                  4. Rapid Onboarding: Implementing off-the-shelf software like Plunet allows quick setup and
                    integration into existing workflows.

Why Plunet Stands Out

Plunet has watched the challenges faced by clients who opted to develop their own systems. The cost, time, and effort required to match the feature-rich environment of Plunet’s software is often underestimated. A team of experienced specialists backs our solution, which is focused on delivering a robust and continually improving TBMS. This was recently confirmed by the research company Nimdzi, in a comprehensive report that put Plunet on the top spot of translation business management solutions (TBMS) in the market: Nimdzi TBMS Navigator: Exploring the Market 2024

A Shift in the Industry

The landscape has changed since the early 2000s. While building a customized TBMS made sense initially, developing comprehensive solutions like Plunet has changed the field. The concerns of cost, functionality, process variations, and interface design are now effectively addressed by sophisticated off-the-shelf systems.

The Better Choice: Buying

For growing LSPs, shifting resources to build a TBMS from scratch is costly and a variation from their core competencies. Partnering with established software providers like Plunet allows businesses to focus on their primary operations while leveraging advanced technology solutions.


When operational efficiency and technological advancement are critical, choosing a reliable and proven TBMS like Plunet’s makes more business sense. It allows companies to focus on growth, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence, leaving the complexities of software development to the experts. Discover if investing in Plunet is the right choice for you. Read more in our guest article featuring insights from Una Hartzell-Baird, who evaluated and implemented Plunet for our customer LUNA Language Service.



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