Plunet 9 with more security and stability

Say yes to Plunet 9 - Plunet 9 with more security and stability

Plunet launched the next major version 9 of its leading business management system. The new version provides a completely revised security concept for password management, increased stability, and a safe connection to additional services through API authentication, which sets further game-changing improvements using state-of-the-art technologies.

Password management: User-centered, controlled, and improved

Plunet 9 adjusts and improves the new password management workflow through a higher level of security and gives complete control to users when it comes to creating passwords. The new workflow for setting up passwords for Plunet users is much more user-centered and provides full control over their passwords. The Admin users are no longer responsible for creating and maintaining passwords. With the new password workflow, two new e-mail templates (Password has been changed and Reset password) are available and the Admin users can set up the requirements for creating a password according to business needs. After clicking Create user account or Reset password, a verification code is sent to the associated e-mail account, and the user can create a new password following the customized password rules. Users’ login status can be Active user, Reset password or Block user. Active users can log into Plunet BusinessManager and reset their passwords, while users with the status Reset password can’t log in and need to reset their passwords soon. Blocked users can neither log in nor reset their passwords for Plunet BusinessManager. We achieved an improved user experience and GDPR-compliant password security using state-of-the-art technology through the new password management workflows.

Plunet 9 - Password management

Plunet Hub & OAuth: Safely connect additional services through API authentication

Plunet 9, offers a new internet service, Plunet Hub, to which future Plunet BusinessManager instances can connect securely. The Plunet Hub offers endpoints and functionalities for different purposes such as authentication to third-party systems. Moreover, the Plunet Hub allows our customers to connect to the OAuth authentication services, which is the new standard for connecting to third-party apps. That permits our users to send e-mails from the Plunet BusinessManager through their e-mail client, such as Google. Plunet Hub takes over the communication between the Plunet BusinessManager and, for example, Google using a security key. With Plunet 9, the Plunet BusinessManager will allow such authentication for Google, and we are working on the authentication for Microsoft for a later release. Overall, the Plunet Hub is a gateway for efficiently and safely connecting additional services through API authentication in order to provide complex connections to our customers.

Modernization: Providing high scalability

Additionally, to achieve a more secure password management and connection to additional services, Plunet 9 offers more modernization. The redesigned login page with a banner on the right side can still be customized with multiple texts, text styles, colors, images, GIFs, links, etc. However, customers can decide whether to use the HTML editor or the Markdown editor to personalize the page to their needs.

plunet9-Modernization: Providing high scalability

Also, the new navigation bar and all functions are always available on top, and the Home button-old button is now called Home button-new. Due to the modernization, all notifications or error messages now have a consistent design. In addition, you can now return to the previous page or action by clicking the back arrow in your browser.

Upgrading to Plunet 9

As previously mentioned, Plunet 9 introduces a new password management workflow. Therefore, before upgrading to the next major version, we kindly ask you to read this article to find out how you can prepare your system for Plunet 9.

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If you have further questions about Plunet 9, please share your thoughts in our community, discover more in our Knowledge Center, or contact our sales team.



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