Plunet in Argentina – A memorable experience

When our clients from Argentina asked if we wanted to sponsor their first AASL Project Manager Bootcamp in Córdoba, our answer was an immediate YES. Argentina is one of our most important markets in the Americas, with so many amazing clients who have been supporting us from the very beginning!

To be or not to be Plunet

Before making it to Córdoba, I realized that “being Plunet” can be taken quite literally: the airline had accidentally changed the first name on my boarding pass to Plunet, which led to many questions at the airport and almost made me miss my flight from New York! But ultimately, I was allowed to board the plane, and I can confirm that nobody at Plunet needs to give up their identity.

The favorite features of the Plunet Round Table

Back to business: Apart from the Project Manager Bootcamp, organized by the Argentinian Language Service Company Association (AASL), we had set up a Plunet Round Table for our dear users on the day before the Bootcamp. With 23 attendees from seven different companies that use Plunet – project managers, technology managers, quality managers, sales managers, vendor managers, and CEOs – it was an enlightening encounter about the various experiences that our software provides.

I always love asking our users what their favorite Plunet feature is, so we can see their priorities and learn from our users what makes Plunet stand out in the market. Since the list was quite long, here are the top ten features that were mentioned more than once:

  • Queries (8 mentions)
  • Dashboard (5 mentions)
  • Properties and text modules (4 mentions)
  • Auto workflow
  • Time-savings with CAT tool integrations
  • Vendor management features/vendor price lists
  • Complaint management features
  • How intuitive Plunet is
  • How easy payables are with Plunet
  • Timesheet feature

AASL Project Manager Bootcamp – Insights beyond your job position

The first AASL Project Manager Bootcamp on the following day also became a big success and, as it turns out, has fulfilled a great need. More than 100 project managers signed up for the event, which was almost twice as many as expected. It was so great being able to present to such a wonderful audience of project managers (our most important stakeholders!) and seeing so many customers and contacts from the industry in one place. The sessions by Fiona from Round Table Studio were packed with valuable information, not only for project managers but for anyone who works in a customer-focused environment. My biggest takeaways were:

  • Not to be afraid of MT
  • Eliminating decision bottlenecks because they are a barrier for growth
  • Necessity is the mother of all inventions
  • The importance of client management – from leading the client with empathy, stressing project risks, to managing the bottom line by ensuring that projects/clients are profitable

After all, I can only say a big thank you to the team of organizers for putting this Bootcamp together and having us in Argentina.

Precious personal customer visits

Besides these two big get-togethers, I could visit ten of our Plunet customers in Córdoba and Buenos Aires during the rest of my Argentinian week. It’s always helpful to meet up personally and discuss the details of the software directly.

From all points of view, Argentina was a memorable experience that needs to be repeated! ¡Volveremos pronto!


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