The new Plunet 7.3.

The start of a new Plunet generation.

Usability 7.3

High performance, even with a heavy load. A secure system to help you master the challenges of EU GDPR. A clear and intuitive user interface. Limitless flexibility. And impressive enhancements in our dynamic CAT integrations for the most powerful interfaces of all time. Plunet 7.3. The start of a new Plunet generation.
Plunet Release 7.3_Translation Management System

Full steam ahead! Better performance at all system levels.

With comprehensive steps taken to improve performance, the response times in the system have been dramatically shortened, even when many parallel users access the database.
PERFORMANCE_Release 7.3_Plunet Translation Management System
DATA_PROTECTION_Release 7.3_Plunet Translation Management System
Data protection

Your data is safe. The future is secure with the new EU GDPR.

The new EU GDPR is coming and you can be on the safe side with Plunet! Version 7.3 offers a variety of convenience functions to ensure that you can immediately comply with the new regulations. Questions about the source of contact, tracking opt-ins from new contacts, the right to erasure or retention periods – with Plunet 7.3 you can guarantee more process security in data collection and less manual work for your project managers. What's more, manual and automatic web penetration tests by external specialists make sure that your data is safe with Plunet!
DATA_PROTECTION_Release 7.3_Plunet Translation Management System

The user interface. Efficient project management guaranteed.

Never miss a deadline.

The current status of jobs can be seen directly in the detailed view of orders on the Dashboard - you no longer have to open each order individually. This means that project managers have more information at a glance and can prioritize more quickly.

FileManager. Clear and colorful.

Whether you are searching for .rtf, .docx, .txt, .indt, .xliff or any other file type in a project, important file types are now highlighted in color. This gives you a better overview in FileManager and makes it easier to find the file you need.

Inform your colleagues about the latest news.

Are you the Plunet Administrator and have an important message for your Plunet users? Create and plan important system notifications in Plunet 7.3. Your colleagues will see them as soon as they log in. You can even schedule notifications so that they are only displayed during a specific period of time.

Precise quote processing.

Your customers can now select predefined reasons for rejecting quotes. This makes it easier for project managers to adjust quotes to customer needs and saves valuable time during reporting.

Save time when creating contacts.

External resources can now enter their bank details during the resource registration process. This saves time, as the information no longer has to be added to the profile afterwards, and provides more security in the payment process.

USABILITY_Release 7.3_Plunet Translation Management System
FLEXIBILITY-CUSTOMIZABILITY_Release 7.3_Plunet Translation Management System
System adjustments

A new kind of flexibility - without limits.

Flexibility has a new name: Plunet API.

The Plunet API has been greatly enhanced, making Plunet 7.3 the most flexible version of all time. Projects and invoices can be read and modified via the API right down to price line level. The file handling has been extended so that you can store and access project files in a much more flexible way. Report queries are now possible in all major system areas. And those are just some of the new possibilities with the optimized Plunet API.

Comprehensible complaints. Happy customers.

There is often more than one reason why an order or job complaint is made. This can now be reproduced in Plunet 7.3, resulting in more detailed and precise complaints, and ultimately to happier customers.

Tailor-made reports? Not a problem with Plunet.

Create tailor-made reports. No matter which data you would like to filter - with Plunet 7.3 there are scarcely any limits when selecting text modules, properties and feedback criteria.

ISO 17100. Only assign qualified resources.

When you search for resources in ISO 17100 compliant translation projects, Plunet 7.3 provides you with more process security. A new option in the resource search ensures that only ISO 17100 compliant resources can be assigned to the corresponding project.

Automated reminders. Never forget an important to-do.

Set up automated e-mail reminders so that you never forget an important task.
FLEXIBILITY-CUSTOMIZABILITY_Release 7.3_Plunet Translation Management System

CAT interfaces in Plunet. Deep. Stable. Effective.

Improved usability. Comprehensive technical improvements. The integrations to memoQ, Memsource, XTM Cloud, Across Language Server and SDL Trados Studio have been further enhanced. The evaluation of Memsource and XTM analyses is now even more effective: Whether single-file or project-wide analysis, language-specific or multilingual details, manual or automatic price calculation - with Plunet 7.3 you can convert characters to pages, rows or hours. The memoQ integration provides you with even more freedom to define workflows and directly involve your customers.
INTEROPERABILITY_Release 7.3_Plunet Translation Management System
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