Five USPs that set Plunet apart from other business and translation management systems in the language industry

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Plunet first came onto the scene 2003. As an early bird, Plunet has been leading the translation and localization market for business and translation management systems ever since. The market and its needs have been evolving, with more and more established solutions out there, offering numerous integrated automation options. We have developed and refined our product over the years, and, as a result, can provide you with an all-in-one solution that not only meets today’s industry needs but also sets new standards.

So, what are the aspects that make Plunet stand out? We collected the five most important USPsbased on testimonials from our customersand want to show you what purposes they serve regarding your business needs.

1. Product Maturity & Flexibility

The management of language services is a complex task that calls for a lot of flexibility. This is not only because every company, institution, and organization is different and requires an individual approach, but also because the industry and therefore the needs of the users are evolving rapidly. Plunet is, compared to other translation and business management solutions, the most mature and complete system in the translation and localization industry. At the same time, our focus has always been on maintaining a high degree of flexibility. The number of features and the high level of customization is unique on the market. What’s more, we take further development and innovation very seriously. With our activities in the Plunet Research Community, we involve our users in order to meet their needs and reach a higher level of usability in our product.

2. Management of Multiple Business Units

Is M&A part of your growth plan? If so, we’ve got you covered! Plunet lets you run multiple business units centrally in one system. This can include different parts of your business (e.g. interpreting department, translation department and transcription services), multiple offices and teams around the world, or even separate businesses, if you are, for example, incorporated in different countries. By using Plunet, users are able to separate rights and invoicing cycles, and work with separate as well as joint reports. You can also make use of a granular access right system based on the different company codes, make projects with confidential information only visible to authorized staff.

3. Numerous Integrations with Other Software

We offer the greatest flexibility in configuring the system itself, but also in connection with other solutions, such as CAT tools, CMS and ERP systems, accounting or other business solutions. Our CAT tool integrations are the most advanced on the market and we have a whole department that solely concentrates on the maintenance and development of our connectors. With our Plunet API, third-party software can be seamlessly integrated into the Plunet system and you can easily automate your workflows. All of our integrations help you to save a great amount of time and manual effort, so that you can focus on the quality and efficiency of your projects.

4. Professional Implementation and Training

To ensure that you benefit from the full potential of Plunet, based on your individual workflows and processes, you will receive an intensive training with your dedicated implementation specialist. In the implementation process, we take a close look at your work processes and goals to ensure that you can always make the most out of the software. In this way, we can offer you tailor-made training sessions and configure the software according to your needs. What’s more, with our Plunet Gym, you can book additional training packages for your evolving needs in order to stay in shape with your Plunet system.

5. High Level of System Security and Data Protection

When you have customers and vendors working from offices all around the world, system security and data protection are extremely important in order to keep maximum control of your translation projects. At Plunet, we invest strongly in securing our infrastructure and fulfilling the current data protection standards. The two-factor authentication (2FA) guarantees maximum security at login. With the Single Sign-on (SSO) function, you do not need any additional login data. To protect your data from external attacks and loss, Plunet uses TLS (SSL) encryption and the HTTPS protocol. With regular internal OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) tests and outsourced penetration tests, the system and every new Plunet release is checked and continually protected from external attacks. Furthermore, daily automated tests of the current development release ensure excellent stability and performance of the software. And, last but not least, Plunet provides you with functions that ensure you can work in accordance with the GDPR regulations.



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