How to Get Your Plunet System

Are you looking for a (new) business and translation management system and would like to know what to expect step by step on the way to it? At Plunet it is important for us to make our processes as transparent as possible. Therefore, we want to show you the steps towards your customized Plunet system.

Infographic: How to get your Plunet system

1. Contact

You have already collected initial information about Plunet and would like to learn more about the industry’s leading business and translation management system. To do so, go to our website and request a Plunet demo.

2. First call from Plunet

After we have received your demo request, a Plunet account manager will call you to get to know your current technical set-up and inform you about the requirements necessary for your Plunet use.

The following topics and questions will be discussed:

  • Which current business and translation management solution/CAT tool/accounting software do you use?
  • What does your current IT infrastructure look like?
  • What are the biggest challenges in your everyday work?
  • How does your team structure look like?
  • What kind of workflows do you have?

3. First Plunet demo

When the most important requirements are clarified, we can already start with the first Plunet demonstration. We show you the basic Plunet workflow, clarify open questions, and discuss general system settings.

4. Price estimation

Based on the information we have already determined, we present you with the price options best suited to your needs—taking into account your budget and your mid-and long-term planning.

5. Second Plunet demo including integrations and modules

We dive deep into the system and show you the wide range of integrations and modules that Plunet offers. In addition, you will get to know our various accounting and reporting options, which you can use in almost every phase of the workflow. This demo can be visited by several participants from your team.

6. Testing and Q&A

We set up a test system for you according to your needs so that you can try out Plunet on your own and learn more about your options with the system. Afterward, we will discuss open questions.

7. Price negotiation and final requirements

We send you different quote versions based on your specific needs. You compare the prices and choose your personal Plunet setup. In addition, we will clarify your questions on the subsequent implementation phase and process.

Learn everything you need to know about the implementation process at Plunet here.

8. Contract creation and signing

We create an LSMA/SaaS contract, and with your signature, we can release the invoice and hand it over to one of our implementation specialists. Here you will get in-depth training sessions and learn to use Plunet in the most efficient way according to your needs.



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