Shorter release cycles at Plunet: Accelerate the development of your business and translation management

New release cycle at Plunet

At Plunet, we are constantly working on optimizing our business and translation management software. We help translation agencies and internal translation departments at institutions and business enterprises to make their workflows as efficient as possible. And sometimes it is necessary to revise our own processes, in order to ensure that we can maintain our high standards. To this end, we have restructured our release cycles. Our goal: More flexibility and quicker solutions for our customers.

Instead of daily updates and annual major releases, there will be three types of Plunet release, each following a certain method of numbering.

Major Release:

  • A Major Release contains significant changes made to existing functionalities. There will also be updates for seamless integrations of third-party systems. The release takes place once or twice a year.

The current Major Release is Plunet 8.0.

Minor Release:

  • A Minor Release contains several smaller bug fixes and new functionalities that can be developed quickly. The release takes place once a month on a fixed date. The next Minor Release is Plunet 8.1.

Patch Release:

  • A Patch Release consists exclusively of urgent bug fixes. The release is made available as soon as a fix has been found for a bug. The next Patch Release is Plunet 8.1.1.

How will Plunet customers benefit from these changes?

You will be able to access modifications to existing functions and new functions that are important for your daily work much more quickly than before. In this way, you will directly and continuously benefit from the improvements and further developments that are made to your management system. This means that you can react more flexibly to the changing requirements of your own customers and achieve a higher level of efficiency in your translation management projects with Plunet.

How do I get access to the individual releases?

  • You can install Patch Releases and Minor Releases in your own Plunet system under Admin | Settings | System settings.
  • Major Releases are available via a Support upgrade.




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