My favorite feature in Plunet Version 8.0 – VendorSearchManager Pro: Cascading job requests

The new version 8.0 of the leading translation management system Plunet BusinessManager is full of exciting enhancements and innovations. This has inspired our colleagues to present some of their favorite new features. Benjamin Liedtke, from the Plunet Marketing team, will get us started with his personal favorite: the new additional module VendorSearchManager Pro.


Why do I like this feature so much?

My absolute favorite feature is the new VendorSearchManager Pro module, which can be used to automate job requests. This helps project managers to gain more planning security and control over the entire assignment management process. Plunet sends requests to suitable linguists for the job, round by round, until one accepts the job.

In the first round, the job request is only sent to one linguist. If this person rejects the request or does not respond within the defined reaction time, the system automatically starts the next round. This “cascading selection process” ensures that job requests are sent individually to the preferred linguist, with a minimum amount of manual effort. What’s more, you avoid sending e-mails to your entire pool of vendors and don’t disturb anyone who is not (or is unlikely to be) suitable for the job.

Another advantage is that you can define the assignment rounds with specific selection criteria and ranking criteria as a workflow template. In this way, you can predefine not only the first round, but also any subsequent arounds and decide whether the rounds should start automatically. Once the template has been created, the process can be started with a single mouse click. As a result, project managers save a lot of time and can focus their energies on other tasks.

Last but not least, the VendorSearchManager Pro module is useful for when resources live in different time zones. Even if the job request is rejected or the reaction time has expired, the request process is not stopped, but the next round(s) start automatically and can run overnight. Project managers can be fairly certain that a suitable linguist can be assigned to the translation job the next day, and they themselves can start the working day in a more relaxed way.

Who is it for?

Language and translation service providers gain more control over their assignments with VendorSearchManager Pro. You can send requests to your preferred linguists in a more targeted way. And even if they reject the job request, you can be sure that at the end the best possible linguist for the job will be assigned automatically.

Which problem does it solve?

The job assignment process can be very time-consuming and repetitive. This is often the case with orders that have many language combinations or when the translators are very busy or not available. These situations can be very stressful for project managers, particularly if the translation projects are very time-critical. With the automation options that VendorSearchManager Pro offers, this is a thing of the past.



About Benjamin

Ben - Plunet translation management systemsBenjamin Liedtke is an Online Marketing Manager at Plunet in Berlin. In this role, he focuses on product communication and the creation and implementation of online marketing campaigns for the international Plunet target group. Before joining Plunet in 2013, Ben completed his studies in Media Sciences and worked in product and project management at an international digital agency. In his free time, the Berliner-by-choice is a big ice hockey fan and a passionate cook.



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