The Future of Integrated Translation Management? Meet Plunet and!

Plunet and Blackbird Integration-The Future of Translation Management

Plunet and Blackbird Integration: The Future of Translation Management

Professional translation management is an important process for businesses operating in a global marketplace. With the rise of digital technologies and globalization, the demand for translation services has grown exponentially and has been met by technologically-advanced language service providers (LSP) as well as internal language departments.

With the rise in demand for translation and localization services, the need for system integration and automation has amplified in the past few years.

To meet this requirement, translation business management systems like Plunet (TBMS) have been developed to help businesses streamline their translation processes, improve quality, and reduce costs. A key component of such systems is their integrability to other systems, which can vary heavily based on the type of language provider and the services that are offered.

Blackbird provides a low-code platform that can integrate Plunet with external software solutions that are not part of Plunet’s native integrations. This includes integrations with Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM), end-client solutions, vendor systems, all the way to rapidly improving machine translation engines.

Benefits of Integrating Plunet and Blackbird for Advanced Translation Management

The integration of Plunet with Blackbird allows businesses to optimize their translation management processes by connecting third party applications. With this integration, businesses can manage translation projects more efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

One of the key benefits of integrated translation management with Plunet and Blackbird is the automation of repetitive tasks. This automation can include everything from project creation and workflow management to vendor selection and invoicing. By automating these tasks, businesses can free up valuable resources and focus on more important tasks, such as developing new products and services, or building valuable relationships with customers and translation vendors.

Another benefit of integrated translation management is the ability to monitor project progress in real- time. With the Plunet and Blackbird integration, businesses can track project progress, view metrics, and analyze data in real time. This enables businesses to make more informed decisions, optimize workflows, and improve overall project quality.

In conclusion, as businesses continue to expand their global presence, the need for advanced translation management will only increase. Therefore, language service providers and translators alike will benefit from advanced translation technology to stay competitive in this evolving market.

About is building a new automation backbone for the language technology industry. Blackbird provides enterprise-scale automation and orchestration with a simple no-code/low-code platform.

About Plunet

Plunet is the translation project and business management software (TBMS) that helps translation agencies professionalize and scale their business so they can become one of the technology-enabled agencies of the future. Whether you want to automate as much as possible, just certain parts of your process, or keep a human touch, Plunet is flexible enough to cover every possible workflow, so you can offer language services tailored to your clients.



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