Streamlining Website Translations: An Interview with Leemeta

In today’s globalized world, businesses are constantly expanding their reach into international markets, resulting in an increased demand for multilingual website content. We recently spoke with Martina Korez, Chief Operating Officer, from Leemeta, a Plunet client since 2011, about how they have developed an innovative solution to streamline website translations using Plunet, their translation business management system (TBMS), memoQ, and their own tool for fast content extraction from clients’ websites,

Can you tell us about the challenges you faced in obtaining source content for translation?

Martina: We found that only some translation buyers provided content in a Content Management System (CMS) or an actual translation management system (TMS). As a Language Service Provider (LSP), we frequently need to employ innovative approaches to efficiently retrieve content for translation, reducing the time spent on manual copying and pasting from clients’ websites.

How did you overcome these challenges?

Martina: We developed a tool called WebsiteDownloader, which allows users to download websites in clear text. This text can then be processed through Plunet and memoQ for source file analysis, price calculation, project creation, and vendor assignment. The entire process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, eliminating the need for extensive IT knowledge.

How has this approach helped in eliminating unnecessary text translation?

Martina: Retrieving text from websites before translation enables businesses to avoid translating irrelevant or unnecessary text, such as legal disclaimers or terms and conditions. Pre-translation text retrieval allows businesses to identify and exclude such text, reducing translation costs and improving the quality of the translation. The process of creating quotes and the entire translation process are much faster, resulting in more accurate final prices for clients.

How does this process ensure translation consistency?

Martina: By retrieving text before translation, companies can use translation memory tools to store translated text and reuse it in future translations. This ensures consistency across multiple languages and reduces the time and cost of repeatedly translating the same text. Using translation memory tools like memoQ saves the client and LSPs valuable time and money.

Can you explain how this approach enhances translation quality?

Martina: Pre-translation text retrieval improves the quality of translations by enabling businesses to use professional translators who can provide accurate and high-quality translations. Machine translation, often used for website content, relies on algorithms that may not capture the nuances of language, resulting in poor-quality translations.

How does this process support SEO?

Martina: Retrieving text before translation helps optimize the translated text for search engines in the target language. Companies can identify relevant keywords and phrases for the target audience and optimize the translated text for search engines. The WebsiteDownloader tool can also extract metadata for you. These parameters are often overlooked by web administrators when exporting text for translation.

How has this approach impacted your overall translation process of websites?

Martina: By connecting our WebsiteDownloader technology with Plunet and memoQ, we managed to streamline our process, cutting processing time by 30%. Additionally, we could leverage our translation memories, offering CAT discounts to our customers while providing higher-quality translation.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use the WebsiteDownloader tool in your translation process, check out our video at: agency/ and visit to access the website downloader tool.

About Leemeta

Leemeta is renowned for its exceptional turnkey translations®. Our mission is to alleviate any additional workload for you by providing comprehensive services. We handle all aspects of the translation process, including translation, proofreading, designing for print, preparing for digital distribution, and seamlessly integrating content into websites and apps.

We take great pride in the development of a diverse range of tools aimed at enhancing and simplifying translation processes.



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