Three compelling reasons to integrate Plunet and Phrase today

Plunet’s latest integration features with Phrase

Working with a dynamic integration between your Translation Management System (TMS) and Translation Business Management System (TBMS) is a must-have for every language service provider on a growth path. With the latest innovation at Plunet, the seamless integration with Phrase has added even more reasons to stop manual project creation and start the new era of process automation.

We’re thrilled to provide you with these new options, empowering you to maximize your experience with our two software solutions.

1. Full Automation possible with Plunet and Phrase

We are pleased to announce that our popular AutomationManager now works with Phrase TMS. Phrase users can benefit from including completely automated jobs in their workflow, such as the process job “Run CAT tool” or “create and send order confirmation,” thereby reducing the workload of project managers. Since Plunet version 9.1, job assignments can also be automated, allowing you to automate your processes from request to delivery fully! However, if you prefer partial automation, our automation features enable you to automate specific parts of your workflow according to your preferences.

2. Upload JSON files for more flexibility in price calculations

Previously, users were limited to receiving only CSV analysis files when utilizing PhraseManager, as there was no option available to specify the file type during the transfer of project settings from Plunet to Phrase. However, we have made some improvements! Users now have the opportunity to upload and download JSON files when using the dynamic integration. This enhancement offers users greater flexibility and the potential for more accurate price calculations. Users simply need to complete a separate price matrix for analysis files in JSON format to take full advantage of this feature. We have extended the TM window to display the additional info found in JSON files. Rest assured, CSV remains the default analysis file format, ensuring a seamless transition for all users.

3. Assignment of Phrase jobs to vendors with their Phrase cloud

Do you have vendors who already have their own Phrase account? No problem! With Plunet’s latest version, you can assign a translation or review task to a Phrase user without using your license spot, provided the vendor has their own Phrase login. This opens the door to a larger vendor pool while giving your suppliers full control over their own translation memories (TMs). The goal is to alleviate the project manager’s workload by reducing redundant tasks. Few jobs juggle as many deadlines as a translation project manager while also focusing on customer care and vendor relations. With Plunet and Phrase, we empower project managers to reduce their manual workload so they can focus on the tasks that matter.

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About Phrase

At Phrase, we’re transforming language technology, opening the door to global business so you can reach more people, make deeper connections, and drive growth. Phrase is the leading translation management system, offering a comprehensive suite of translation tools that’s intuitive to use and simple to integrate so you can focus on forming deeper connections with people across cultures. We help organizations like Uber, Shopify, Volkswagen, and thousands of others accelerate their global growth by giving people the content they need, in the language they speak.

About Plunet

Plunet is the translation project and business management software (TBMS) that helps translation agencies professionalize and scale their business so they can become one of the technology-enabled agencies of the future. Whether you want to automate as much as possible, just certain parts of your process, or keep a human touch, Plunet is flexible enough to cover every possible workflow, so you can offer language services tailored to your clients.



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