Your Plunet Journey: From Tool Evaluation to After Go-Live Part II

In today’s competitive business landscape, having the right tools can be a game-changer. If you’re using Plunet’s Translation Business Management System (TBMS), you already know the transformative impact it can have on your workflow, efficiency, and quality standards. But are you aware of how much more you can achieve with Plunet’s additional modules, subscription benefits, and community? This article delves deep into these resources that can supercharge your Plunet experience, from modules for improving quality and automation to leveraging a treasure trove of resources in the Knowledge Center.

Additional Modules

Plunet’s robust TBMS offers highly customizable features in its standard software, but for businesses looking to go above and beyond, additional modules provide the perfect solution. These modules cover a range of functionalities — from raising quality standards, streamlining vendor management, and advancing automation; these modules give incredible flexibility.

Quality is at the forefront of every industry, particularly in the language industry. The QualityManager module enables businesses to monitor, track, and make data-driven decisions based on customer feedback and vendor performance. It simplifies compliance with various certifications and ensures you pass audits effortlessly.

If you aim to cut down on redundant tasks and enhance process efficiency, the AutomationManager module is the solution you’ve been searching for. This module facilitates automated project cycles that take care of everything from quote to order creation, job assignment, and final delivery, providing a touchless experience that increases efficiency and scalability.

The Plunet API is a powerful tool for integrating third-party software to extend functionalities. Whether it’s business intelligence tools like Power BI or CRM software like Salesforce, the API module offers endless possibilities for customization.

Plunet Subscription Benefits

The value of your Plunet subscription continues beyond robust features. Subscribers gain access to a wealth of resources, including major and minor software updates, a well-documented Knowledge Center, and a supportive community.

With both Major and Minor Releases, Plunet keeps your system at the cutting edge of technology. Scheduled annually, Major Releases introduce significant changes to the system. Take, for instance, the most recent version, Plunet 9, which completely revised password management security. Every month, Minor Releases roll out, offering quick bug fixes and introducing new, easily adoptable functionalities. Examples include adjustments to the user interface and adding new ranking criteria like Profit Margin or Availability. Additionally, Patch Releases are deployed to address and resolve critical bugs rapidly.

From in-depth user guides to bite-sized instructional videos, Plunet’s Knowledge Center is a treasure trove filled with user guides, glossaries, training videos, and webinars. A simple keyword search allows you to access a comprehensive collection of articles and links to community discussions, helping you navigate the system effortlessly. Furthermore, an extensive video library brings our software to life for on-demand learning.

The Plunet Community is an invaluable platform for interaction among other Plunet users. It’s a space for asking questions, sharing experiences, supporting each other, and contributing to the system’s development through feature requests.

In conclusion, Plunet offers a robust platform to manage various dimensions of your translation business. From additional modules to ongoing updates and a thriving community, Plunet is a comprehensive toolbox for any translation business aiming for efficiency, scalability, and quality. Our subscription benefits and evolving Knowledge Center and community keep you up-to-date on the latest features and best practices to maximize productivity.

If you have any questions or need further insights, please get in touch with us. We’re here to help you make the most out of your Plunet experience.



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