My Favorite Feature in Plunet 8.0 – Optimized E-Mail Communication

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The new version 8.0 of the leading translation management system Plunet BusinessManager was released recently, and is full of exciting enhancements. Plunet 8.0 inspired our colleagues to write about their favorite features in the new version. Today, our Implementation Specialist Simona will describe the improved e-mail communication in the job assignment.

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Who needs it?

Nowadays, more than ever, translation companies must step up when it comes to communication. Different time zones, physical distance, distinct data handling and deadline pressure are just some of the factors that could cause delays in translation projects. The key to success is dependable communication that fully ensures the exchange of all required and relevant information between customers, project managers and vendors.

In Plunet 8.0, you can customize the job request and assignment e-mails to include important information linked to the job type or project and customer requirements. This ensures that all relevant project details are already set in the corresponding e-mail, which means that you as a project manager can minimize the time and effort required to write e-mails. What’s more, you can add personal touches to the e-mails that will really be appreciated by your linguists.

What challenge does it tackle?

Fast, precise communication is key in the fast-paced language industry. With Plunet 8.0, you have more control on settings and how e-mails are sent out. No need to open and manually send out each e-mail anymore – they can be sent automatically in the background based on the settings you have already made.

Jobs can be requested from or offered to several resources using assignment rounds, or even cascading requests built into workflow templates (with the VendorSearchManager Pro module). Job acceptance, rejection and cancelation e-mails are sent automatically, saving time for both your PMs and your vendors.

The optimizations in detail

Plunet 8.0 offers you new ways of customizing your e-mail communication.

  • Do you want to include the venue information in an Interpreting job assignment e-mail and specific guidelines in a Translation job assignment e-mail? You can now predefine the template set to be used for each job type and/or workflow level. If necessary, you can even change the template on the fly.
  • Are you sending a job request to multiple linguists who are addressed in different ways, such as “Hi John”, “Dear Mr. Smith” or “Hello Jane”? They will each receive a separate e-mail with their personalized greeting.
  • Do you need to cancel a job? As soon as the job status changes, an automatic e-mail will now notify the vendor(s) about the cancelation.
  • Do you work with customer jobs? There are now separate e-mail templates for this job type that can be adapted to fit your needs and specifications.

About Simona

Simona Plunet translation management systems Simona Hodrea is an Implementation Specialist at the Plunet site in the USA. She provides training sessions for new and existing customers and uses her expertise to consult with them in regard to their Plunet system customization. With her extensive management experience in the translation industry as well as being software-savvy and well-versed in DTP and document processing, she knows how to support her clients successfully.

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